Review: The Immortal #4

Talk about the most consistently released self-published indie comic book on the market! That’s right, The Immortal is back. Actually Its been back, I just haven’t sat down to review it until… right… now. Z, the last of the human race has a large bounty on his head. It’s a bullshit bounty, but he’s at least learned the name of the person that’s put the bounty out on him. I keep saying bounty, but really it’s a kill order and multiple bounties. He’s the most popular dude in the galaxy and to make things worse he shot down a police cruiser so now the fuzz is on his ass.

The-Immortal-#4-1He regenerates again, which has been how the book has started each issue, and in a nice change of pace has his memory backup. It also means that he’s freaking out, but his robot co-pilot has everything under control and has brought him to the one and only person he can trust in the galaxy. Problem is… he’s trapped there now because of the cops. Maybe they’ll make it off the island, maybe we’ll learn why this dude is after Z, you’ll see… you’ll all SEE!! Sorry, lost in the moment.

This series continues to deliver on the surprises. After the first issue it was pretty clear to me that I would need to finish this series, but I never realized how much I would really enjoy it. I’m actually pretty hooked on this book and while I don’t know how creator Darryl Knickrehm is going to pump out four more issues. I’m curious to see him do it. His dialogue continues to be smooth and organic. There’s not big exposition dumps and if there is exposition, Knickrehm has an easy out… his character has memory loss. The great thing is that Knickrehm doesn’t use that as a crutch. He could easily turn everything into exposition, but he doesn’t. That and Z’s narration at the beginning of each issue is really well-written. It sucks you into the world instantly, but even more than that it makes you empathize with Z. You can’t help but feel for him as he comes out of a regeneration chamber in pain and panic.

Knickrehm’s artwork also continues to suck me into this world. He doesn’t quite have the right style for all black and white, but he distracts you from this fact with a lot of great details and subscribing to the “show don’t tell” philosophy of comics. There were two proportion problems that I noticed, but otherwise this is a great looking book and Knickrehm’s level of detail makes it something special to look at.

This is a very important issue to the series and for the reader in general. I actually didn’t tell you everything that happens, but it’s pretty damn good. It made me want the next issue right away, but really at this point I just want to read the next four issues. If you haven’t check it out yet and you’re looking for something to break from the corporate heroes that clutter the shelves at every LCS, then give The Immortal a chance.

[su_box title="Score: 4/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

The Immortal #4 Creator: Darryl Knickrehm Publisher: Waylines Media Price: $3.99 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital