Review: The Last Broadcast #5

The thing I like the most about The Last Broadcast is that it creates conversations. There are people who really like it and others that have found it so-so. For me personally I look forward to this story each month because you never know when the next piece of the puzzle is going to drop. Actually I can tell you that a couple of pieces of the puzzle drop in this issue. We begin in the now like we’ve done since the first issue. Ivan has found Dimitri and he’s suddenly attacked him forcing Ivan to Taser him. He’s back to running frantically, but he doesn’t realize that he’s being watched. Our fake nurse doesn’t look too worried about him wandering around as she smiles at the monitors.

Two weeks earlier Ivan is still with our urban explorer society and with the return of their leader… well he finds himself no longer as welcomed as he once was. Actually was he ever that welcomed? They make a discovery based on the picture the man at the bookstore slipped into Ivan’s book and it’s a pretty important find. It also goes to show that our writer Andrè Sirangelo hasn’t forgotten anything that he’s previously introduced to the story.

Last_Broadcast_005_coverThe group discovers that Landell is dead. They buy that it’s a suicide for a moment, but that doesn’t mean that Damon doesn’t still blame Ivan for pumping Landell for information. They check the security footage and wouldn’t you know it… a strange hooded figure appears outside of Landell’s place before the footage goes dark.

There’s a decent amount of story reveals in this issue, but I think some of them are red herrings for sure. I wouldn’t doubt that a few of them are true or even half-true, but there’s still two issues left of the story so it’s too early to say for sure.

Sirangelo continues to tell a well-plotted story with interesting characters. The dynamic between Ivan and Damon is great. There’s even a part where Damon calls out something about Ivan that was unexpected. It made for some interesting dialogue for sure.

The art continues to be my favorite aspect of this series. There’s just something about it that really stands out. The coloring looks like water coloring at times, but it’s strangely muted. It’s like the pages have had water on them and all the color was soaked up by a rag being dabbed over and over to save the page. It adds a lot the atmosphere to the story for sure.

I’m glad that the story is getting back to the crazy magic again. It took a bit of a break, but now it looks like the last two issues will have decent amounts of it. If you’ve been on the fence about this series I would say you should give it until the ending. I’m enjoying the mystery of the story and I’m really looking forward to how the story will all tie together and trust me, if this issue shows us anything it’s that it’s all connected.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Andrè Sirangelo Artist: Gabriel Iumazark Publisher: BOOM!/Archaia Price: $3.99 Release Date: 9/17/14 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital