Review: The Legacy of Luther Strode #6

That’s a wrap folks. Anytime there’s an ending some people are going to be satisfied and others aren’t. I find myself in that latter which is just a real bummer. You can say it’s because I’m a reviewer and I’ve overanalyzed this entire series given the fact that I’ve reviewed all three volumes, but that’s not why. Because history shows that as critical as I am of this series… I love it. I’ve loved it from the beginning. I’ve bought it from the beginning and supported it not only with reviews, but with sales. This has been one of my favorite series from the beginning and so the reason I’m disappointed with it is not because of my critical eye.

So why am I disappointed with it?

LegacyofLutherStrode_06-1Well it honestly doesn’t matter because this series has reached a certain level in the comic book community that it’s revered. It can do no long and fans of the series don’t want to hear about its short comings, but rather it’s success. Really that’s the only thing any fan or creator wants to hear about in the comic book industry so I’m not going to bother listing anything else. It won’t change the issue for me and it certainly won’t change the issue for anyone that enjoyed it.

What is incredibly good about the issue is of course the artwork. The artwork on this series has launched Tradd Moore like few other artists before. This final issue has some incredibly fluid and vivid action sequences. While I’m not going to list them, all the greatest hits from this series are present in the finale showdown which is exactly the way you do a final showdown. You use everything that you’ve built. The coloring of course is great because Felipe Sobreiro is the perfect complement to Tradd’s style. After so many issues I’ve really run out of things to say about the coloring. It’s just really fucking good and I wish I saw Sobreiro’s name on more covers.

That’s it. This is my last review for this series. If for some reason the team dusts it off later on in life I wouldn’t be surprised, but I don’t know if I’d be back either. It’s over and it’s ended on Jordan’s terms and I can respect that. I respect the hell out of this creative team and thank them for an incredible journey.

Score: 4/5

The Legacy of Luther Strode #6 (of 6) Writer: Justin Jordan Artist: Tradd Moore Colorist: Felipe Sobreiro Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 5/25/16 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital