Review: The Li’l Depressed Boy #16

The Li’l Depressed Boy (LDB) continues his job at the movie theater where he holds a romantic relationship with his supervisor, Spike.  On a snowy day when the theater suffers a large crowd of patrons but a short-handed staff, the other manager, Toby, decides to wreak havoc on LDB.  Spike gets called into Carl’s office followed by LDB.  The two come under fire for violating corporate policies.  Toby blew the whistle on the relationship.

After Carl suspends LDB, the title character and Toby have an altercation in the parking lot.  The strains of all this stress show on LDB as the book closes.

S. Steven Struble tells a story well.  For a non-cape and cowl book, this author knows how to keep readers in anticipation.  Of course, the title reveals that the main character will face strife.  Readers will find the plot and the involved drama mesmerizing, and empathize with a life filled with obstacles.  The art is paradoxical: LDB’s depression shows on his face—even though the character has rudimentary features.

For the past few issues I have been worrying about the bad things that were going to happen to the character.  Now, I am waiting for a string of good things to befall him.

This is an unusual story told unusually well.

Score: 4/5

Writer: S. Steven Struble

Artist: Sina Grace

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/17/13