Review: The Memory Collectors #3 (of 3)

Memory Collectors hits the end of Chapter One with issue #3 this week. I am assuming this means that the series will have other chapters probably if the fans celebrate the series. I have come to realize that I am not a huge Mention3 fan, but I have enjoyed his art from time to time. With issue #3, this is one of those times. The covers are the first thing to discuss. I love the profile pictures he has for our covers. I haven’t seen this much color from him in a long time. I actually loved it. Mention3 usually works in dark colors allowing only small pieces to be bright. With our covers, Mention3 still has that dark undertone with rich colors. I am almost wishing that the whole series had this much color. Moving on to the issue itself, we still focus on the greys, blacks, and whites throughout, but during our fight scene we see pops of that red that just intensify the situation. Edith is coming to terms with seeing her best friend, Beatrice, pass onto a new life. I thought that this was the end of Beatrice last issue, but don’t worry we get our goodbyes in this issue. The plot moves fast in this comic, but I am starting to realize that is how all Mention3 comics operate. Once you get used to it, it is nice for some to have a straightforward story being throw at you. Anyway, Beatrice is understanding of where she needs to go. You would think Edith would give up, but instead she knows her friends deserve for her to prove that they didn’t die for nothing.

MemoryCollectors.3.CoverA_menton3We know Edith has a fight ahead her, and we also learn that this man’s name is Jared. Yep, she went to Jared! I don’t get why the rest of our characters get these badass names but then our main villain has to deal with being called Jared. So unfair.

Our battle is quick, but packs a big punch. I couldn’t see anyone not enjoying this scene visually. My favorite is when Mention3 has a splash page and looks as if he has splashed paint onto the page. It adds some texture and interesting sights. Before we even begin battle though, the two have a lot to say to each other. Usually the talking before fights is so boring and just a waste of text, but with Memory Collectors it ends up being my favorite part. The dialogue is unlike anything I read. It is all very philosophical. Each line could be broken down into different things. It isn’t hard to understand, but rather it makes the words flow together in this peaceful unison.

All in all, the story ends with high notes. I wasn’t disappointed with the read, but I can’t seem to fall in love with the series. Maybe it is the fast paced plot, or the all-around muted colors, but it takes me some time to really get into the issue. If you are fan of Mention3 or gothic art, then dive right into this comic and the intense pictures we get to see.

Score: 3/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Menton3 Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/12/14