Review: Think Tank #12

This is it! The conclusion to season one of this Top Cow publication that promises to make you smarter. I don't necessarily know if that is true; but the title has provided me with some good entertainment and I think I did learn some things in reference to elements and events that occurred within the story, thanks to writer Matt Hawkins wonderful debriefings that occurred at the end of each story. I was a little bit late to the party, hooking up with it when reviewing issue eleven. But I must say that I enjoyed that issue so much that I started from the beginning to see what all this story was about. What I discovered was that there were ten other issues with some being good and some just being ok. Even so, the “good” were more than the “okay” and by then, I became vested and had to see where it was going to finish. After reading issue twelve, I am extremely glad that I did read the whole season. It was a good and satisfying finish that actually answered some of the questions that were generated within the previous eleven. I am happy to report that those questions are answered and the story wraps up in excellent fashion.

Think Tank is the creation of writer Matt Hawkins and artist Rahsan Ekedal and it follows the adventures of Dr. David Loren, a formal child prodigy in science who the government recruited when he was 14 to design technology aimed at gaining a clear edge in world dominance. Now all grown-up and truly understanding of his contributions, he decides that he doesn't want to do it anymore. He wants to live life and be a normal person with no thoughts on how to make a better weapon. He's ready to be free. Little does David know however, once you are in, you are never out. So we have spent eleven issues with David running for his life, being chased around the world that is about to possibly enter into war. David wants to stop it, but he might just start it as though he has great brains, his spy skills are limited.

ThinkTank12-coverI was on the fence after reading the whole season, but I believe in issue eleven and especially issue twelve. Think Tank really evolved into a great tale that has elements of a good spy story, an intriguing political drama, and an interesting piece of hubris added into the finale that made it kind of deep.

Matt Hawkins really did an excellent job at addressing some head scratching questions that bugged readers throughout. Hawkins doesn't only answer those questions, he reveals Dr. David to be a human being that in spite of his great mind, he is still susceptible to human moments that include failure. It is an interesting revelation and Hawkins writes it perfectly as he allows David to have time rely on determination and grit to resolve the problems at hand.

Rahsan Ekedal is superb with his art that is nicely detailed. Even though there is no color within the pages, Ekedal draws in a way that enhances the black and white.  The action is drawn nicely and paced solidly with Hawkins script.

I can only say that after reading the entire Think Tank season, that it is worth it and worthy of purchase. Issue twelve seals the deal for me. I am excited for the one shot being offered in March and I am interested in seeing what other ramifications await Dr. David as season two begins in the summer of 2014. This genius has more work to do and I am looking forward and I bearing witness to his exploits.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Matt Hawkins Artist: Rahsan Ekedal Publisher: Image/Top Cow Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/12/14