Review: The Mercenary Sea #5

I missed reviewing last month’s issues; I just didn’t have the time, but I will quickly say that it was another solid issue from this creative team. This issue is kind of strange. It has this great climax, but it ends early and begins moving into the next story line almost instantly giving it a strange transition. It almost steals its own reward by doing this, but even with that it’s an entertaining issue due to the heavy amount of action. If like me you’ve been waiting to see action really pop off in this series then you won’t be disappointed. Our team of mercenary’s descends upon the Japanese camp to free the capture women that were taken for “comfort.” It’s a noble cause so you really don’t feel bad for the guy smoking that gets his throat slashed and left to bleed out. From there the team systematically takes down the base until being spotted. They don’t let that stop them though as they ramp up their take down of the base and free the captives and return them to their stronghold. So back to the sub right? Noooope.

MercenarySea05_Cover copy 2It’s an entertaining issue and the action is picture perfect. It’s also easy to follow due to the animated style from Mathew Reynolds. I swear this story is begging to be animated with Reynolds at the helm. The shift in color hues is always a treat to see. His perfect thick greens for the daylight and his light purples for the night give the book a distinct and stylized look. I read this book twice, once for the story and once for the art… but not necessarily in that order. Reynolds is one of my favorite artists I’ve discovered this year and I’m glad to see his art hold consistently at this level of quality.

As I said this issue feels like a transition issue. It’s not really because the second half of the book does continue an aspect of the arc, but it makes the story uneven in this issue. I’m not worried about the series because writer Kel Symons is clearly writing it with an end game in mind. It’s just that this issue stumbles in its setup for the next issue.

Really this issue is worth it just for the action scene it opens with. I’m still scoring it pretty high because man oh man is the art good. If you’re following the series then keep plugging along, with the way this issue ends there’s only going to be more action and adventure ahead for the series so don’t miss out.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Kel Symons Artist: Mathew Reynolds Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 6/25/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital