Review: The Mercenary Sea #7

Even after a short break the best thing about The Mercenary Sea is that it’s consistent. It returns as if it never left and really moves the story into new territory. At the end of the last arc our Captain Jack was given a gift that may have turned out to be a the key to finding Koji Ra. Koji Ra being the mythical island that he’s collected stories about from other travellers. The issue actually walks us through them and we get the sense of just how dedicated Jack is to finding this island and the supposed payday it would offer. Mercenary-Sea-#7-11.5.14Meanwhile he takes a dangerous job delivering supplies to the Chinese through a Japanese blockade. After a smooth trip they end up being spotted by a Japanese plane and a battle of wits and experience plays out. Of course our heroes make it out, but there’s a set up for something in the future. From there Jack takes off on his own to meet with an antiquities dealer that may just give him the next part clue to the mystery island.

There’s a lot of story to soak up in this issue, but ever since the first issue I’ve been wanting to know more about Koji Ra since it sounds like the island from King Kong. Kel Symons picks the writing device of having everything coming from via narration from Jack’s journal. It’s very effective and saves the characters from spewing out a ton of exposition.

The art continues to be the star in my opinion since it gives the series so much personality. Artist Mathew Reynolds continues to dominate the story with his style. It’s like watching an old war movie. In particular I enjoyed the scene with Wulf having a temper tantrum because it showed visually the personality he’s only portrayed through dialogue. I’m honestly out of new things to say about Reynolds’ artwork, it’s just incredible and very consistent. This book is better because of it.

Granted there wasn’t a lot to say about this new issue and arc of The Mercenary Sea, but that’s because it (and forgive the pun) maintains a consistent course. Some of the best comic books require little to say about them, but one thing is for certain I’ll be back for the next issue.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Kel Symons Artist: Mathew Reynolds Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 11/5/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital