Review: The Midas Flesh #4

The kids of the Midas Flesh who have dared to defy the mighty and evil Federation may be meeting their demise as we begin part #4 of this eight issue set of the Boom Box line of comics by Boom Studios.  Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics and Adventure Time fame has teamed up Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb in creating a quite unique and original story of revolt against a superpowered foe. Joey, (the tough girl) leader, Cooper, (the dinosaur) science officer, and Fatima, (the moral and opinionated) pilot of the three’s space vessel have discovered a planet that has been hidden for hundreds of years that houses a secret that could be the most destructive power in the whole universe.  As they have harnessed in a piece of the destructive cargo, interference has occurred through the FSM Titanic, a colossal supertanker science ship, that is also armed to the teeth and ready to put an end to the mettling kids who have dared to challenge the Federation. The kids have a very powerful asset however in the Midas Flesh that can even eliminate something as monstrously huge as the Titanic. But with great power comes great responsibility and our kids are at odds in what to do. Destroy the Titanic that houses lots of innocents as well, or die having failed their mission.

MidasFlesh_04_coverAI have been real up and down on the story as I feel like it is kind of geared towards kids, but it has very intense and serious adult themes in it as well. It doesn't seem to know what it wants to be. But then I realize, it is exactly what it is supposed to be. It is a fairy tale kind of story utilizing kids on the backdrop of a simple good versus evil story. It is starting to grow on me some. Not quite as intensely as Midas' gold touch, but more like a slow fungus. Still though, it's not too bad.

Lamb's writing really throws some serious issues that are demonstrated perfectly in this issue with Fatima's refusal to work to destroy the cruiser. She recognizes that there are innocents on board and a real moral dilemma is argued out here between the three. It makes one think. Paroline and Lamb's artwork can be described as "cute", yet serious too. Once you get over all the smiles and the talking dino, you begin to see a flow to the art that is likable.

I am still not completely sold on The Midas Flesh. But with each passing issue, I am getting a little bit closer to liking it. We are now halfway through. My attention is peaked. Let's see if things can be delivered.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Ryan North Artists: Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb Publisher: Boom/Boom Box Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/26/14