Review: Star Slammers #1

I am a big fan of Walter Simonson, his Thor run is one of the definitive Thor runs that any new reader should tackle. His run on Thor made Thor into more than just a guy that swung a hammer saying "Thee" and "Thou’s." He gave Thor a different side and the stories he created still holds up when you read it today. This week IDW releases another of Simonson's classics in Star Slammers a story about three mercenaries that were the best of the best of not just in the world, but the entire universe.  Where ever there was a near impossible task to undertake it was the Star Slammers who you would call.   This series is not a new story about the Slammers but a re-release of Simonson's old material remastered.  A great pick up for fans of Walter Simonson’s work or a great pick up for people wanting to know more of Simonson’s early work or if you’re like me curious to see who these Star Slammers are. The first issue of the Star Slammers does a great job of giving you enough back story to understand who the Slammers are and what is their role. Simonson sets them up with a great blend of action and disposition where it introduces a world that is in conflict with another enemy that are great warriors. The Slammers arrive to the world the best way they know how by blowing half of the forces up and then landing in their contractors area. I found this to be a cool way to introduce our heroes because it establishes right away that these Slammers are here for business.  The story flows pretty well going from action to back story, and you never feel like the book is lagging even in the back story moments of one of our heroes; you get a good balance of action panels and story.

StarSlammers01_cvrThe art in this book while it does feel dated to its period it still showcases Simonson art abilities. You can really appreciate Simonson's work in this issue.  The detail and design of the Slammers is just gorgeous; you can really tell that he took his time to create these designs and the level of detail that the heroes have makes you appreciate the talented work of Simonson. Also his art for close-ups is really good as well. You can appreciate Simonson's level of detail in those close-ups and they look damn near flawless.

Len O’Grady's work on the colors is magnificent as well. His coloring really makes Simonson drawing just comes to life.  And I love how he uses an entire gamut of colors depending on where the Slammers are at the point of the book. His timely use of the different colors at the right time really make this book pop and it helps the book feel like you are out in space having an adventure.

Overall, I recommend picking up Star Slammers it’s a great book for Simonson fans and Star Slammers fan that want to reminisce on the old series or for newer readers that want to experience something new from one of comic’s best.  The story is not too slow, it balances itself well between story and action, and the art is superb in the book.  I will give issue two a shot just to check out some Simonson art.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Walter Simonson Colorist: Len O’Grady Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/26/14