Review: The Red Ten #2

Here’s the review for the best comic book that you’re not reading. The name of that book is The Red Ten and the reason you’re not reading it…is well, I don’t know why you’re not but you should. Check out what we thought of the first issue and then you’ll appreciate one of the best things about the second. Screw it, I’ll just tell you, the second installment of The Red Ten that is does exactly what every comic book needs to do—be better than the first issue. Thirty years ago in Swanstown Heights, the soon to be world’s greatest detective experiences a tragic event that thrusts her into a role that will forever change the rest of her life. Now in the present, The Alliance is recovering from the exposition of fellow teammate, Androika . Thanks to Orion’s protective barrier, the team escapes with their lives. As the heroes make their way to safety, Orion locates The Master Mage’s staff and returns it to him. Master Mage makes a comment on how the staff feels different but before he can elaborate, the team notices that the statue of Androkia is marked with blood and their resident speedster, Throttle is missing.

The Red Ten #2Now on the beach, Throttle is wrestling with his own personal demons. Soon the rest of the Alliance meets up with him to discuss what they are to do now. Tempers start to rise as fear and confusion begin to rear their ugly heard.  Soon the team agrees on one thing, to get off of the island.  Just as Justice gives the order to Master Mage to teleport the team off the island, a portal spewing forth with a small army of vengeful demons begins to attack the Alliance.

Well, there were more than a few things that made the issue number 2 of The Red Ten really stand out. The first was the origin story that they added with Red and Throttle. Sure you know what’s going to transpire due to the fact you know who these characters are portraying but it works so well and adds to the richness of the characters that Tyler James and Cesar Feliciano have created. It makes The Alliance members their very own heroes’, not just Justice League clones. Not only was this well done, it was very cool to see a different take on those stories.

The second surprise from this issue was the coloring. Not to say the colors in the first issue were bad in any way but the sheer pop that comes from the page, especially with Red’s origin are just impressive.  Guillermo Ucha colors and Vic Moya are great additions and I can’t wait to see what else these guys have up their sleeve.

The Red Ten number 2 does everything it needs to do to keep the entertainment train chugging right along. It also makes strides to get better.  So do yourself a favor and check this book out and tell all your friends that can read to pick it up. Hell, tell your friends that can’t read to pick it up.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Tyler James Artist: Cesar Feliciano Publisher: Comix Tribe Price: $3.99 or for $1.99 on Comixology Submit Release Date: 2/29/12