AVX: Marvel's Biggest Selling Title Since Civil War

Who would have thought that a recycled concept from the 80's would become Marvel's biggest selling event since Civil War which was apparently their biggest selling even period. Sales are already above 200,000 for the first issue. Let's keep in mind that Civil War sold incredibly well for all seven issues and practically every tie-in that had Civil War slapped on the cover sold as well. Frankly I'm not buying the hype and expect to see a ton of copies sitting on the shelf months after release of the first issue. There's always a sales incentive for titles and Marvel desperately wanted the title of "Best selling issue of the year" back from DC. I don't know why all of the other news outlets have ignored the fact that Marvel is notorious for undercutting themselves on price in order to move a lot of units. Their investors care more about the appearance of selling a lot than actual profit. If you need a reminder of this look no further than last years Point One, in which Marvel practically gave away the book so that retailers could sell it for a third of the cover price. If you paid more than two dollars you got ripped off. If they were willing to do it for that book which had a lead in to AVX, then why wouldn't they do something similar for AVX?

If any retailers want to let me know what the price break for ordering is you can contact us at ComicBastards@gmail.com, until then stop buying the hype.