Review: The Red Ten #4

Did you ever have that friend that always nagged you to read a comic that he or she loves? Well let’s just say I’m that friend and The Red Ten is that book! With the death of the team’s resident speedster, Throttle, there are seven heroes of the Alliance left. In his private jet, Kingston Lear the wrangler for the Alliance team receives news that Master Mage and Throttle are dead and Androika is offline and that the island that the team is on can’t be found. Mr. Lear demands that his team finds the Island and makes plans a visit to The Puppeteer.

As Throttle lies dead at the Alliance’s feet Red’s sidekick Crimson starts to lose his cool and turns against the team with allegations of murder. Stating that one of the Alliance’s own may have turned on his mentor, Red. The team recounts where they were the night of her murder.

Fed up with all the bullshit and having zero interest in being murdered on an island, Orion turns his back on the team and heads back to space. Before he can wrap his mind around the situation, Orion is placed under arrest and is attacked by officers of the Omniverse Protectorate. Orion declines to go peacefully and gives them a piece of his mind.

Capture_TRT_4Meanwhile the team splits into two teams to scour the island for more clues. In Swanstown a representative for Mr. Lear looks for The Puppeteer in his shop. In space Orion is put on trial for being an imposter to the Kemlor belt (basically a Lantern Ring).  Orion is stripped of his power and dismissed.

One of the best things about Comixtribe’s The Red Ten is it simply gets better and better with each issue. It takes its time to slowly expand the world and that only makes the experience richer. By adding more depth to the characters within their interactions you gain a greater sense of them, thus making the deaths more intense. That’s a very important thing to do because if it’s not handled correctly the reader will treat it like a horror story just looking for a cheap death with a “who cares let’s just see who is next” mentality.

Tyler James and Cesar Feliciano have something really special here. If you are a comic book fan in any way shape or form then you need to get this book. Demand it at your local shop or get it from Comixtribe. Just do whatever it takes and get one of most entertaining comics out there bar none.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Tyler James

Artist: Cesar Feliciano

Publisher: Comixtribe

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 8/21/13