Review: TMNT Micro - Karai #5

Karai is probably one of my favorite characters in the TMNT universe. The way she has been revamped to be related to Shedder makes for a more dynamic character. So this was probably the villain issue that I was most exciting about. I don’t know much history on Karai in this new world, so I thought there would be some pretty big reveals with her character that would also relate back to the TMNT comic. Sometimes when the company decides to do these micro issues they don’t ever seem to mention the issue in the original comic. Here I feel differently. I think TMNT fans must read these villain micros. I think they all show more of the motivations behind these characters. I also truly believe that this issue in particular will relate back to the series. Kudos to Cory Smith for his art in this issue as well.  I totally dig Karai’s look and think he offers a more mature look for Karai as well as the perfect amount of feminism. Drawing female badasses is hard work; especially when you want to give them big boobies that don’t get in the way of a 360° flip kick. Yeah doesn’t really work out. Plus you have got to keep those puppies in line so you don’t injure yourself with the hit back.  I also like how Leonardo is done here. He is a super dark character which matched his transformation.

TMNT_Micro_Karai-pr-1Ok yes you read this right; Leo is in this issue. That alone should give you some incentives to buy this micro. Karai, having just learned that Leo is Shedder’s second in command, heads to an old trainer of hers for advice. The whole issue is narrating by Karai. I like how most of this issue have been that way. They should be in order to fully understand their perspective. The issue is slow-moving. When you think of a Karai story you picture high action, so I was taken aback by how slow it was here. I read though it though and enjoyed the slowness of her character. She has a lot to say. We learn so much of what she has done for Shedder and the Foot Clan. I keep thinking Shedder has some purpose for her, even if it is that she leaves the Clan. I don’t know what this would serve, but Shedder always has plans for everything.

Leonardo shows up and this issue shows a huge change with him. I am excited for readers to see what that is. It gives you hope for the Turtles. Karai will be such a huge part to what is going to happen with Leo and the gang. She has power over the Turtles. They have no idea how much and it can only bring about more exciting battles between good and evil; and maybe even some evil vs. evil. TMNT are building some pretty big villains along. For teenage turtles, a rat, some chick, and an ex-hockey player we have got some work to do guys.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Erik Burnham

Artist: Cory Smith

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 8/21/13