Review: The Regular Show #1

I’m pretty sure that everyone is well aware that comic book/ television tie-ins usually suck. Hell, most of the times they fail to even embody the source material. Being a fan of Cartoon Network’s, The Regular Show, I was very interested when Boom/Kaboom announced a comic by the same name… that was about the show. It all starts when Mordecai and Rigby are cleaning up the park grounds where they work while an annual benefit concert is taking place. On the stage is a corny looking guy with a guitar playing a song that nobody in the crowd is responding to. As the boys clean they are soon greeted by Muscle Man and High Five Ghost.  Muscle Man proclaims how much he thinks the music sucks and thinks the only way to make it better is to incite a mosh pit. Mordecai and Rigby do their best to encourage him and seconds later Muscle Man is in the crowd explaining “pit etiquette”.

Regularshow_01_preview_Page_03Soon Benson and Skips show up and demand to know what’s going on! Mordecai and Rigby explain and Bensons charges off to reprimand Muscle Man and HFG. But before he can say anything the ground begins to open up and devour the whole park, turning all of the people into mindless mosh pitters. As the hole grows Skips explains that when a mosh pit is started where no mosh pit should be, a dark force will emerge to feed on the rowdy energy of young adolescents.  Now it’s up to the guys to stop it and save everyone.

Well first off, congrats to KC Green and Allison Strejlau for keeping the feel of the Regular Show. It’s a difficult thing to do. A lot of the time it just doesn’t hit the right beats and loses the feel, but you won’t find that here. So yeah, good job guys. There’s a little story at the end of the book entitled “Thrill Ride”. It’s written and illustrated by Brain Butler. It was okay but nothing really too memorable. I would have really liked to have had more pages for the main narrative, but I do understand that this is a Kaboom tradition.

If you’re a fan of The Regular Show then there’s a lot to enjoy here. It reads like an episode of the show and that’s a very important thing. If you’re new to the show then you might still like it but it may come off a bit odd, but it does a good job to ease you in even if you get it or not. Hamboning!!!!

Score: 4/5

Writer: K.C. Green Artist: Allison Strejlau Publisher: KaBoom/Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/15/13