Review: Think Tank #7

Review by: Sergio Porras Talk about a comic that continuously blows my mind issue after issue. If you're not a student at MIT then you may find it helpful to keep your phone near you or if you like to keep it old school, a dictionary, because every now and then you may find it useful while reading this or any of the other issues in this series. On a quick side note I actually had to look up the word, "Oligonucleotide", to understand what David was talking about in one of the panels! Some people may find this frustrating, but it's really half the fun… maybe that's just me.

This issue was the third part to the "Genetics" story arc in which David has been brought back into custody by DARPA after trying to escape and was ultimately betrayed by Mirra. In recent issues, David has been working on a device called an oligonucleotide synthesizer which has the ability to single out strands of DNA and kill off anyone who shares the same strands. DARPA has assigned David and Col. Harrison on a bull shit mission to wipe an entire part of Iran off the map just so they could be distracted while they use one of the synthesizers to take out a Taiwanese National and his family, without anyone who was involved with the synthesizer’s creation knowing about it.

thinktank07_coverAfter an old friend comes by to warn him that word of the murder of the Taiwanese Nationalist has made it to the White House and that someone will be held responsible for the murders, Col. Harrison scrambles to gather up David and his team to figure out what the hell went down and how the weapon was used. Before he's able to get everyone together he and David are placed under Military arrest, but before any sort of discussion could happen a gun is drawn and someone is dead.

I absolutely adore Rahsan Ekadal's art. Black and white art in a comic is amongst my personal favorite styles, as long as it’s done right and in this issue it is done perfectly. The facial expressions of each character are what stand out the most, from the sadness that's written all over David's face as he's killing innocent people. To the nervousness that Col. Harrison shows as he is receiving the warning from the White House. The faces are able to tell you so much more about the characters then is actually written in the story or dialogue.

Immediately after reading this issue I went onto Image's website to see when issue #8 will be hitting comic stores, but unfortunately as of right now the date is still TBD. If this is a series that you may have been hearing about recently then I suggest you go and pick up the first volume in trade that is available now because I'm sure volume two should be coming out soon. As a matter of fact if you visit and go all the way to the bottom right of the screen, there's a link so you can read the first issue for free, so you really have no excuse for not diving into and ultimately following this series. If the story confuses you too much then at the very least you will see some kick ass art!

Score: 5/5

Writer: Matt Hawkins Artist: Rahsan Ekedal Publisher: Top Cow and Image Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/15/13