Review: Fatale #14

Fatale, it has been too long. Why can’t you come out and play all the time? I promise to read you every day and really listen to you. I love you. I do love this freakin’ comic. It is amazing. It took me a while to catch on to how the story was told, but it is worth it. The story has a narrator which is a little annoying but now this narrator is the only person I feel like I can trust in this comic. Fatale is also one of those comics that ask a lot of questions. The reader is left guessing and confused. It is hard to love something that never really gets around to the point. Does anyone else every feel this way? I think Fatale does an awesome job of pissing me off by never answering their own damn questions, but then somehow I stay chained to it. Similar to last issue, this issue focuses on a new timeline in Josephine’s life. We are placed in World War II. Where else have the most hellish creatures every existed? I think the audience knew we were eventually going to get to this time era. Walt is our main dude in this story. He is an average solider fighting in Romania. His gang picks up a map showing details of the Nazi’s army. Some guys are trying to crack the code when suddenly they are ambushed…not by Nazi but by one of their own men, Jefferson. Walt instantly kills Jefferson, knowing that he is crazy. He tries to find the center for Jefferson’s insanity when he stubbles on the map. See Walt is no ordinary man; he knows of the secret world. But do the readers know of this secret world…nope. All we know is that Josephine has lived for a very long time. She can conquer death. She is also haunted by this group of men which I think aren’t men but instead monsters. They are scary as shit.

fatale14_coverSeriously this comic scares me and makes me think about demons roaming the earth. I always try and read it with a light on just in case. Like light has some force over the devil. Whatever, it works in my book. Josephine is in Romania as well. She meets up with this older woman because Joe can see her aura glowing. Mirela the older woman is like Walt; she knows the secret world too. Mirela helps Joe all she can but in the end Joe wants to visit the Nazi monsters to find answers.

This is how the two, Walt and Joe, meet up. The comic ends with a pretty sweet battle scene between the Nazi’s, Joe, and Walt. Since Joe has the power to make men fall in love with her, Walt is taken back by her. I absolutely love how this comic ends. The last line, told by our narrator, shows the struggles that Joe faces and her need to fill her life with companions. Fatale keeps reeling me in with every new piece of information…and I can’t say that I fighting the line.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Ed Brubaker Artist: Sean Phillips Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 5/15/13