Review: The Sixth Gun #30

One foot in grave, one foot in the living is exactly how Becky feels. It’s also the feeling of this issue; two realms apart but dependent on each other for their existence.

Becky, Drake and the rest of the gang has accepted the hospitality of a local tribe that insisted they come with them. Becky unknowingly, has unlocked a hidden power of the 6th and has become deathly ill. Drake is not doing too well either. They are not the only ones on a journey; as Missy Hume embarks on one of her own. Everything center on Becky and the Six guns. One tribe is helping her with another working against her. Missy Hume is heading to see Griselda, General Hume’s mother, and the grey witch.  Upon reaching a village in the canyon Missy Hume meets her allies and reassures her of their purpose.

Becky, Drake and company reach the Indian village where Becky will begin her true test. Upon entering the village the chief and elders are not impressed with the sight of the gang.  Drake makes a remark that if this isn’t the group they’re looking for and he’ll be on his way when an old familiar voice stops him.  Henri Fournier stops Drake by telling him how he ended up here with the rare relic he owns.  Screaming Crow has always been in his collection but now it starts to talk. Henri brings Screaming Crow to pass on a message to Drake and the gang.

Becky faints and the elders take her because her journey in the spirit realm is about to begin. After the use of power of the 6th she has her foot in the spirit realm.  The elders start the ceremony with warriors outside barring anyone coming in even Drake. Drake has his own problem stricken with a fever.  Becky starts her Spiritual journey with a Crane as her guide.

To go back to one foot in the grave and on foot out; the story tells it well and makes you feel it. This is a good thing you can’t feel Becky’s struggle with what reality is without it. Each has its own element to this story and my favorite character in this issue would be the Crane. It’s portrayed with an attitude without being too harsh, but most of the time a guide animal spirit is a mentoring spirit to show answers without talking or very little speech. He has an attitude that makes you feel he knows his role that he has to guide one that knows nothing of this world. He will do his job but doesn’t want too.

The issue doesn’t have a lot of action or gun slinging but it sets up the story really well and draws you in to get your attention. You can feel the power and the importance of what’s going on. It has enough change between realms to know the difference, but can sense on how they intertwine. The art goes with previous issue but what stands out is the individuality of the Indians. The elder looks war scorn and beat but still stands tall. The warriors look ready for anything and could kick your ass at a moment’s notice.

I enjoyed this book as it has become a regular read for me. It has a very spiritual and eerie feeling while reading it which is a good thing to set the tone for the aptly named story arc “Ghost Dance.” It’s a pick up and I look forward to the TV series to see if they can pick up the essence of the series.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Brian Hurtt

Publisher: Oni Press

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/17/13