Review: The Strain - The Fall #1

I know nothing about The Strain besides for it is a book by Guillermo Del Torro and Chuck Hogan. I can guess that people are probably pretty exciting for this comic too. Del Torro has such a huge following, so this comic has to live up to some high expectations. I will first give my opinion and then move on to a not so bias review. For me, I like horror…when it is mixed with some humor to ease me into it or it isn’t too gruesome to look at. This comic has too vivid of imagines for me. Actually just one image is too much, the snake creature thing coming out of the vampires’ mouths. Why are creatures coming out of mouths so horrible? It is too much for my sensitive eyes to handle.  I would never put anyone through something that made them uncomfortable and the image of the vampires using their tongues to take life from someone does me in. Aside from me being a pansy, the comic has something for the horror fans for sure.

The Strain - The Fall #1 CoverThe art is extreme. Not the most extreme I have seen, but like I said something about it makes me nausea. For fans of Del Torro, I would say it is in their best interest to grab this comic and savor its terror.

We follow the origin of the book called Occido Lumen. This book is rumored to carry secrets of the vampires. One group of people is trying to get this book in order to stop the outbreak of the creatures. Dr. Eph Goodweather is our main dude. He, his son, and the others are trying to find the book while trying to protect each other. Eph is being hunted by cops because he is accused of kidnapping his son from his wife. I was confused at first if he had until his wife is seen in the comic as a vampire. Not only has she been transformed but is now hunting her son. Creepy. These vampires are nasty and the art only helps in the allusion. The comic is dark and sets up tension with shadows of the vampires perfectly. The lines are rigid and the backgrounds are faded, so we only focus on the person or thing that is clear.

The ultimate goal is to kill the Master, which we don’t see. He leads this vampire group. I can only imagine what this creep looks like. I assume that the vampires, if trained, can take human form to fit in better though.

This comic is a mixed review because although I don’t like it because of the nature and the fact that I have to close my eyes even during Animal Planet shows, I think most people will dig the comic. It offers horror and some valid characters to watch as they try to lead battle against vampires.

Score: 3/5

Story By: Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan

Writer: David Lapham

Artist: Mike Huddleston

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 7/17/13