Review: Harbinger Wars #4 (of 4)

No group review this time, instead it’s just one opinion, one decision on whether or not this series was worth the time and money and basically it’s a yes… or a hell yes. Okay so maybe the finale wasn’t seventeen pages of battling and instead actually focused on changing the landscape of the entire Valiant world and added a twist to both of the series involved in the crossover, but… oh wait that’s a good thing. In fact, this series shows that crossover events can be good and not just a sales gimmick. The last issue left us with four fractions divided. Generation Zero was already getting blitzed by the H.A.R.D. Corps while the Renegades were pointlessly going up against Bloodshot and the remaining psiot kids. Well… everything hits the fan in this issue, but the blood falls on the hands of only the first two groups I mentioned. You see the Renegades aren’t out for blood and contrary to his name, neither is Bloodshot. They’re actually the perfect pairing since they only beat the shit out of each other.

Meanwhile, the H.A.R.D. Corps begins taking kids out left and right it seems, until the kids begin fighting back. The big turning point though comes from Harada. His Eggbreakers catch up with him and he hits the Project Rising Spirit facility with a vengeance and shuts down the H.A.R.D. Corps and delivers a huge blow to the facility. He also engages in a military style of tactics as our Secret Intelligence meeting informs us.

HWARS_004_VARIANT_PERGERThere is a lot of fighting and great battles, but at the end of the day there are clear consequences to all parties involved. While one party may have come out as the victor, it has clearly defined that side’s role in the Valiant Universe. The biggest thing that this series did was make me excited to read the next issue of Harbinger and Bloodshot. Granted, both of those issues will still be dealing with the Harbinger War, but it’s worth it even knowing the outcome.

Dysart and Swierczynski did a great job on this story and Dysart a great job on the script. The pacing for this entire series has been perfect and that’s maintained in the final issue as well. There are a ton of characters and yet the story really does spend time with all of them and while there isn’t character development per say, there are great character moments.

Valiant made sure that there was great art on this series and while there were three noticeable styles, there is just something seamless about the transitions. The “big two” could really take a note here to how to successfully have more than one artist on a title rather than just two or more awkward pairings. The action was great for this issue and each artist really helped make the issue and series as epic as the writing presented it.

It’s over and while I think that’s a good thing, part of me will actually miss this series. I hope that their paths will cross again, but perhaps for happier reasons or at the very least not pit the Renegades against Bloodshot. I will say that I’m disappointed that Harada didn’t kill those damn twins I hate, but hey… maybe that’s coming soon? If you’ve been following the series there is no reason to stop now.

Score: 4/5

Story: Joshua Dysart and Duane Swierczynski

Writer: Joshua Dysart

Artists: Clayton Henry, Pere Perez and Mico Suayan

Publisher: Valiant Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 7/17/13