Review: The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #4

You know that feeling that overwhelms you when you find a comic book that you are absolutely bat-shit for? You’re so stoked to pick it up and bag and board that bitch that you damn near piss your pants. You read all of your other shit first and save that “gem” for last. Well I got news for you, Luther Strode is that comic and issue #4 is that book. Last time we left Luther he was fresh off an ass beating that he dropped on some unlucky scum bag named Vin. Now he is standing toe to toe with The Librarian , who demands Luther to “Finish Him”. Luther refuses to kill the man and that decision angers The Librarian, thus leaving them to have a little “man dance”. Now for the first time Luther is experiencing someone with the same power as him and is receiving the beating of a lifetime.

luther4Later at the hospital, Vin’s buddies show up to see their boy in intensive care. They attempt to inquire what happened and who did this until The Librarian gives them a call and lets them know that Luther was the one who delivered the beating and screwed with their money flow. In an attempt to control Luther into doing his bidding, The Librarian threatens his family by telling Vin’s gang where they could get revenge.

That’s the short version. The real meat and potatoes of this issue is the explanation that The Librarian gives Luther on “the rules to the Universe” if you will. Justin Jordan the writer of Luther Strode has dubbed this book the explanation issue. For me it works for the book. To really drive home his point, he compares the explanation to Star Wars and whole limiting midichlorians debacle and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Well I could, but only if I said--sometimes less is more and you don’t always have to have a why. The fun part and most of the time, the best is always that touch of the unknown.

Maybe that’s why I dug this issue so much. It opens up that world just enough to wet your whistle and leave you wanting more. That’s the ground work being laid for something that could become very big and you know if you’re a fan of this book it only gets better from here. The one and only reason I want this mini to wrap up right now is so they can hurry up make this ongoing.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Justin Jordan Artist: Tradd Moore Colorist: Felipe Sobreiro Price: $2.99 Release Date: 1/11/12