Review: Transformer - More Than Meets The Eye #1

Optimus is dead; Chaos is over and now Transformers opens up two new series: More Than Meets the Eye and Robots in Disguise. I’ve been reluctant to read Transformer because it’s all a dog and pony show lately and no substance. It most likely will continue because that’s what selling. The basis of the story is after Optimus's death and Chaos being over and there being no more Decepticons to worry about. Ultra Magnus and Rodimus are getting ready to launch to find the Knights of Cybertron. Rodimus makes a huge speech on how this day will go down in history. But it actually leaves the Autobots divided those going and those staying. It jumps around to different characters and story's. It also jumps around in the timeline now and 6 million years in the past. The launch happens and something goes wrong.

Transformers-More-Than-Meets-The-Eye-1-Cover-CWhere do I begin? The story jumps around way too much to follow. Relies on an old story for one character to make sense. And why is everybody seem angry at everybody? There is a lot of anger for a time of peace. To top it all off the art kills me, it’s wrong for Transformers. It’s more of cartoonish style not mechanical. It like they are trying too hard to make the robots appearance humanoid. It’s hard to even recognize each character from one another. The cover art would work thru the book but it’s not like that at all.

Not worth the price on the cover even if the cover is the only good thing but I can still pick it apart. Jumps around too much and it’s hard to read when the art doesn’t fit. What can I say let’s hope Transformers can die and get a restart they deserve with good stories not recycled and art the show what they are.

Score: 1/5