Review: The Thirty-Six #2

You may recall my review for the first issue of this comic, in which the story followed Noam a man responsible for keeping the other thirty-five special people safe for when the world needs them the most. It’s a great concept that uses a lot of Judaism as its story foundation which instantly makes the book stand out from the typical “powers-esc” books out there. In the second issue we aren’t introduced to other chosen people, but we do see the conclusion of Lenore’s kidnapping. She awakens in a cave with sleeping Golem’s and the mystery kidnapper who’s in charge of them. He reveals his face to her, but this is still kept secret from us until closer to the end. Let’s just say when it is revealed it’s pretty damn cool. Noam on the other hand awakens in one of his brother’s beds battered and bloody. He’s in no shape to pursue Lenore, but its his job so he must. As he heads out he puts his brother in charge of a very important job that will eventually lead to the conclusion of this particular arc which is to follow the mud.

The Thirty-Six 2 CoverThe enjoyable thing about this issue is that you don’t have to wait “X” amount of issue to figure out who the mystery man is. The reveal is very rewarding and gives a payoff that’s worth it. In a way this comic reads a bit like a TV show with its structure and pacing. Every issue reveals a bit more of the overall story, while still following a three act structure. The biggest story element that gives it a TV feel is that this issue comes across as the second part in a two-part premiere. You could in fact read issue one and two back to back and they would never miss a beat. It’s good writing for sure since it makes the story enjoyable separately and together, but it doesn’t feel as if the issues were written with a trade in mind..

The art felt a bit looser in this issue. It’s still good and very stylized, but at times I felt that it was trying to break its structure and style. Particularly with the Golem’s they were a bit out of control. I know they’re mud and it’s even mentioned that they’re not well constructed, but that didn’t come across in the art very well. Noam and his brother were enjoyable and probably some of the best looking scenes of the book. The ending which I will not ruin, is very touching and the emotion of the scene is captured in the art 100%.

I liked this issue, it didn’t surprise me as much as the first issue but that’s okay. Like I said this issue works perfectly with the first issue and thus doesn’t need to add more twists and turns for the story. Trust me, after reading the third issue (review forthcoming) there are plenty of twists coming. If you checked out the first issue then this is a must buy since it plays off the first so well. If you haven’t checked out either, but liked books like Rising Stars about a group of chosen people to change/protect the world then you should give it a shot… just know that it's not trying to be Rising Stars in the least bit, it just falls in the same category. No murder and molestation driven plots here.

Score: 4/5

Creator/Writer: Kristopher White Artist: George Zapata Colorist: Micki Zurcher Publisher: Fossil Creek Productions Price: $.99 (Digital Only) Website: