Review: The Twilight Zone #12

Well that’s a wrap people. The Twilight Zone #12 closes out Dynamite's first year of the series. I won’t be saying much about this issue, but I did want to say something having started it from the beginning and now seeing it through to the end. If you were curious if all three stories were really that intertwined… well they are. So what’s there to say? Well it ends. It’s pretty predictable, but then J. Michael Straczynski has been building towards this ending for eleven issues now. I will say that it’s almost too perfect of a bow and while there are several “happy ending” episodes of the Twilight Zone these three stories in particular didn’t really seem to need it or warrant it.

The Twilight Zone #12Still it was pretty clever because in a way Straczynski was able to tell multiple endings as if to really channel the infinite possibilities of the Twilight Zone.

There is one spoiler I will address which honestly has nothing to do with the rest of the series. There’s a Rod Sterling appearance and while they don’t say it, we all know it’s him and it makes… no sense. Our stand-in Mr. Wylde is basically explained during this scene as to say, “He was only filling in.” It’s just weird because it almost alludes to Sterling’s narrations as being a catalyst or controller for the different events rather than a third-party narrator. It really rubbed me the wrong way because I liked Mr. Wylde up until this point and this kind of ruined what I thought he was about, what I thought he was doing. If it was a TV show and they were playing with this new angle rather than trying to ride the coat tails of Sterling, then I would be all for it. In fact I would be excited for it. But don’t mix the two. It ruins both.

Lastly I will say that Guiu Vilanova’s artwork has been phenomenal on this series. He’s never dipped in quality and if anything he’s improved with each issue. I think this issue is his best one yet. Colorist Vinicius Andrade also pulls out all the stops and produces some vibrant visuals that have matched the series from the beginning.

If you didn’t check out this series then it’s worth trade waiting for it at this point, but I will say that if you’re not a Twilight Zone fan then you may not get a lot out of this final story arc.

Score: 3/5

The Twilight Zone #12 Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Artist: Guiu Vilanova Colorist: Vinicius Andrade Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/18/15