Review: The Witcher #1

The Witcher is a book series that was turned into a game and now has been turned into a monthly comic book series. But what is a Witcher you ask? Well, the simplest way to explain a Witcher is that they are monster hunters but with supernatural abilities. I have not read the books and my experience with the game was very limited, mainly because I did not like the mechanics of the game to keep playing. I was excited to read via the internet that Dark Horse has taken the property and now they are going to be monthly stories with this character because the story from the game was very good. In the first issue we are introduced to Geralt who is wandering in the forest and he meets a hunter along the way by the name of Jakob.  Geralt is looking for some company, he has been riding for days and is glad to see something other than his horse. Jakob offers the Witcher food, but in the middle of their conversation Geralt senses an evil presence in the water and confronts the monster saving Jakob’s life.  Both men then just sit by the campfire and are getting to know each other. Jakob explains to Geralt why he lives in the land.  Basically, his wife died and now he left his past life to live off the land, but even though she died, he still sees her presence around him.   This presence is also felt by Geralt as he sees Jakob’s wife while they are by the camp fire.

The Witcher #1 CoverAfter a while, Geralt feels that he needs to move on, and Jakob ask Geralt if he can travel with him seeing that he is ready to leave his past behind.  While both adventurers are traveling through the forest they see an old hag warning them of the dangers in the forest.   The adventurers march on through the forest, and they feel like they are traveling for hours and it’s the Witcher who realizes that they are trapped in the forest and they have to now figure out how to get out of their tough predicament.

This first issue of The Witcher was ok. In the first issue it doesn’t really give you enough background on Geralt and it focuses more on Jakob and his story. It’s basically Geralt listening to him and why he is out in the forest. What I did enjoy was the action the issue gives you right away. From the action panels you can quickly determine that Geralt is a bad ass, and that you shouldn’t treat him lightly, but beyond that it doesn’t give the reader enough to know who he is and what he does.  The story does develop, but again it just revolves around Jakob’s background story rather than Geralt who is the reason why you buy this book.  It just felt like Geralt is just there to solve this guy’s mystery for him.

The art in the book is very solid.  Very good use of colors, to showcase the grit and darkness, and pretty consistent art through the panels.  Fans of the game, and the books might will enjoy this comic since most fans will know who The Witcher is and what he does, but newer readers who pick this book up might feel a bit lost.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Paul Tobin Artist: Joe Querio Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/19/14