Review: This Bites #1

This Bites is about vampires; I know you’re probably like “I’m so tired of vampires” or you’re like “its Halloween… whoo! Vampires!” Whichever way you feel This Bites actually takes a fun approach the genre. Vegan vampire. That’s right go ahead and think about what being a vegan means and then add vampire to it… and now you’re getting the picture. It’s a concept that’s instantly fun, but its execution makes it even better. The story is narrated by a future version of our main character Jasper. He looks back at the night he became a vampire. He woke up to get ready for his graveyard shift at the record store only to discover he was out of soy milk for his cereal… probably some kind of vegan cereal… probably Kashi, I think that’s vegan. Anyways, he heads to the veggie mart and standing outside is an 80’s glam rock looking vampire. I mean he’s got vampire written all over him, but Jasper just carries on his merry way. On his way out the glam rock vamp bites into him. The next morning Jasper wakes up with puncture marks in his neck and his boss/friend calling him asking if he’s going to bother to come into work. Jasper doesn’t know that he’s been turned into a vampire until he arrives at work and his friend asks him about the blood on the back of his shirt.

ThisBitesReview-1This first issue really only serves to set up the plot and it’s very effective in doing so. We meet our supporting cast which is Jasper’s friend and Nana and are given the conflict of the series: Can Jasper remain a vegan while trying to cure his vampirism? It’s simple sure, but again it’s highly effective.

There isn’t a ton of dialog or narration as writer Jacques Nyemb (Not So Super) lets the artwork carry the story and it’s a wise choice. I mean I explained the entire first issue to you with two words “Vegan Vampire” so I can’t even imagine what else the characters or narration could have added that wouldn’t have detracted from the issue. Nyemb does a fine job of building the plot and keeping the story fun. There are so many visual gags about hipsters in this issue that’s the story didn’t need to be overbearing with dialogue or narration.

The art is fun and has an animated look to it. The look reminded me of Minimum Wage, but it definitely carries its own. Artist David DeGrand does a fantastic job with the visuals and as I said they carry the story. That art is where we see the visual gags and where the real narrative comes from. DeGrand captures the world of the vegan hipster that’s for damn sure. The character designs are cartoonish, but they really work with the story.

Is this an issue you’d die for, probably not. It’s very entertaining and fun, but it’s a great set up for the series to come. That’s also the problem with it; you really have to wait for the next issue to get a true idea of how the series will continue to be rather than this snap shot of the beginning. I’ll definitely be back for the next issue to see how Jasper the vegan vampire is holding up. If you want to check it out for yourself then check it out here, you can pay what you want for the book so show the creators some support and send them a few bucks so we can all get the next issue.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Jacques Nyemb Artist: David DeGrand Publisher: Not So Super Comics Price: Pay what you want Website