Review: Tight Suit #1

Tight Suit seems to be a story about a man trying to save his friend who is a monkey... or he might be the monkey. They’re in space if you needed more context than that. The first issue walks us through the entire history of the world as we see the man’s father become one of the first astronauts to basically pilot a monkey manned spacesuit. I’m not going to lie; I didn’t really get this comic. I’m not sure I’m even getting all of the plot. I can’t tell if the main character is a human or a monkey and I’m not really sure it matters to the story. I do know that it spends a lot of time setting up this world and explaining that the public is lied to when it says they’re sending out “un-manned crafts.”

Tight-Suit-#1The second part of the story is less confusing, but not any more interesting. It’s just a rescue mission, but you have to suspend disbelief when it comes to the main character having the resources to do the rescue.

The art is okay. It’s better than what I can do, but it’s really nothing special. I kind of wondered if the correct narrative bubbles were lined up because of the whole “who’s the main character problem.” It could just be the artistic choice, but either the guy look ape-ish or something. It looks like it was digitally given grey scale, but the actual art has thick line work and is filled in with a lot of extra lines. There’s hardly any white on the page because of this which just makes the issue look like an extreme amount of pencil work.

I know that I understand this story to a point, but it’s just poorly constructed both in the writing and the art. It doesn’t make me want to read more and I barely had the desire to finish reading it in general. The story structure has too loose of a framework making it difficult to really understand what’s happening and more importantly, what it’s trying to accomplish. It spends too much time setting up the world and ultimately that does nothing for the main story and isn’t interesting enough to read. It doesn’t set up an interesting sci-fi world that I would like to return to, but rather one I would like to forget. That and monkey’s in space just isn’t interesting anymore.

Score: 1/5

Tight Suit #1 Creator: Brendon Reynolds Publisher: Kid Animal Price: $4.00 Format: Print Website