Review: TMNT - Animated Vol. 3

I am a fan of Nickelodeon's TMNT. It is a fun show, but still rings in that old school Turtle vibe. With this new volume literally just copying exactly what is on the show, I am wondering why we can’t just leave a fun show fun. The comic consists of snaps from the show with the exact same dialogue as well. Obviously, the comic edits out some details but still copies the show. My first thought when seeing this was, “why the hell have there been three volumes of this shit made?” It seems strange to just copy the show into a new form. Maybe in the past something like this would have been cool in case you missed an episode or wanted to remember your favorites. Now when we can buy the seasons, watch repeats, or download the show. It is all just overdone. The comic starts with Donnie freaking out about the technodrome, a device the Turtles snatched up from the Kraang not exactly knowing what it is. All they know is that it allows the Turtles to intercept certain communication within the Kraang. The Ninjas find out that the Kraang is planning to bring something through their portal. Last time this happened, the gang had a tough battle with the Kraang and even lost my favorite character to Dimension X. So the whole thing is sort of a big deal. The gang puts together a huge plan, and Leo is questioning his power as being the leader. He not only wants to feel like a leader but feel like one.

TMNTAnimatedv3_cvrMy favorite part is that Splinter is involved this time with the invasion. He hasn’t gotten all that much action in the show. He decides that Shredder’s rule needs to be handled personally. So Splinter goes in alone to take down his arch nemesis. With the ending of this story arc though, Splinter is definitely now our main story line. This story is actually pretty old considering TMNT is well into their second season. The season even sometimes flashbacks to this moment, so there really is no need for the story to seen over again. And obviously, kids want new things, not repeats of old things.

My fear came true; Nickelodeon is shoving these new Turtles down our throats. I get the show is a success, but freakin’ relax. I just feel weird reviewing this comic. I am mean sure it is in a comic form, but in all seriousness, it is just the show I am seeing. I would have rather the comic keep the same story and feature different artists. That would have added some fun. Even let kids submit their drawings for the comic. Anything different from the show would have given fans something to look forward. It just doesn’t make sense. Recommending this comic seems all wrong. Watch the show, avoid all the over play with these volumes though.

Score: 2/5

Writers: Joshua Sternin & J.R. Ventimilia Adaptation: Justin Eisinger Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $7.99 Release Date: 12/31/13