Review: TMNT- New Animated Adventures #2

Watching the TMNT show they never really end the evil Snakeweed’s story, so it is totally rad finding his ending told through this new medium. I always think it is wise to incorporate the two genres and here they mix so perfect it is hard not to get hooked. Reading the first issue I thought most readers could get by with not watching the show. I have changed my mind and decided that in order to fully grasp the personalities and the story line you kind of have to watch the show. I think this is a benefit especially when the show takes breaks. This is only one of many reasons why I love this comic, but probably the most important one is that any age can enjoy this read. Sometimes with me being so cool and mature (not), it is tough to find or enjoy younger generation comics that I can give out to kids. Here, I can recommend this series to anyone, young and old, with the results being the same; they love it. The stories are just so cute and I find myself reading the characters in different voices, this is all done in my head though.

TMNT_Animate-02-pr-1Dario Brizuela brings a fantastic art style that copies the show perfectly. The Turtles are adorable and appeal to the kids with their innocent look while also appealing to the adults with their ninja butt kicking moves. Heather Breckel does an amazing job coloring the comic bringing in the rich colors from the show. I am just as entertained reading this as I am watching all the action on television. I also think it is important that a writer from the show is also doing the comic to keep the same flow of things. I really just have to give a shout out to this team because they seem to have a good handle on things keeping the show and comic relatable with one another.

The Turtles find themselves in a bit of a weed infested New York when Snakeweed is trying to take over their town. The boys decide that he must be destroyed, but only after Shedder gives them word of advice that nature helps to bring everyone together, so be cautious in bringing down this terrorist of that very thing. Leonardo takes this advice to heart seeing that he doesn’t fully understand nature’s powers. The best part of this issue is April taking over Channel 6 News to get her face on TV. It is a cute play on her future character.

All the characters are pretty much the same which shouldn’t sound like a bad thing. It works surprisingly well, but Mikey brings home the cake with his one liners. He and Raphael couldn’t be a better comedic team. I couldn’t see kids and parents not getting hyped up about this series. It offers everything the show does and gives the opportunity to let the kids read a little.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Kenny Byerly

Artist: Dario Brizuela

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 8/21/13