Review: Oz #2

The second issue of this series was a bit underwhelming. There was some anticipation on my part for this issue after reading the first. I did give it a “buy” on our group review and while it didn’t blow me away, it had at least enticed me. This issue though just felt like sexy violent Wizard of Oz to me. The elements added to the story weren’t terribly original compared to the piles upon piles of other comic adaptations of the same work. For me the biggest stunner is the art. It was decent in the first issue, but the second issue has already dipped in quality. Here’s the thing about this book, we all know what it is: sexy Oz. I mean look at those covers. If you don’t get half a chub looking at them then you need to get your eyes checked. The oozing with sex on the cover and frankly that’s fine, but if you’re going to do that on the cover then you need to spend the money on an artist that can deliver that on the inside and that’s where this book takes a wicked turn.

Smack dab on the first page we’re given the Wicked Witch of the East and some purple goons launching an attack at Dorothy. Then we’re given a shot of Dorothy looking like she just smoked a lot of pot or something and her head has grown. For two of the sexiest women in the series they sure do look weird and not sexy.

OZ02_coverAAfter the witch launches her attack the wolf defenders her while some munchkins rush to the battle. Low and behold the Good Witch of the North arrives looking good and kicking ass. Now she looks good, but she’s not sexy either. All of the women basically just have big boobs and small figures, but there’s nothing sexy about them. Even the painted on dresses fail to highlight the sex appeal that the covers capture.

After the good witch helps out Dorothy uses the thing she’s been holding since arriving, to destroy the witch of the east. After that she passes out. When she wakes up we’re given tons of exposition about the state of Oz. The first issue skipped all this and was better for it. Show me the state of Oz, don’t make the characters stand around and explain it to someone who just wants to go home because that’s how I end up feeling. Think about every time you’ve just wanted to leave and people were giving you a lecture… did you listen? You probably heard just enough so that they wouldn’t repeat themselves and that’s how this felt.

Also what the fuck happens to the dog after the third page. You have a giant fucking wolf dog that happens to know how the sword handle got into Dorothy’s possession and you just forget to bring it along. I was like, someone talk to that dog it understands English we saw that in the first issue.

It’s an average issue and just barely, which is a shame. It had potential to be more or at the very least just be sex in Oz without showing it. It’s a simple formula and it works for Manga so what’s so difficult to figure out. I doubt I’ll be back for the next issue since I know the interior is never going to come close to the covers. I would rather have one sexy cover with sexy interior art to match, than the six covers that this issue has.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Joe Brusha

Artist: Rolando Di Sessa

Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 8/21/13