Review: TMNT- New Animated Adventures #3

I have decided that the covers for this comic are my favorite things ever! First, you have the ‘Cover A’ by Dario Brizuela. Classic look on the Turtles with some added straps and pearly white teeth.  Throw Kraang in the background and boom you have perfection in mutant world. Then you have ‘Cover B’ by Tanya Roberts. Here we get the Turtles riding a rollercoaster with Leo and Donnie shitting their pants and Mikey and Raph exploding with excitement, not shit. Swing in a little cutesy more round look to the Turtles and again perfection. If you can’t dig these fun variants then you must be from another planet and refer to yourself as the Kraang. With the great art here it is sometimes hard to separate the story from the pictures. Each fight scene showcases the Turtles ninja’s skills. I really get excited to see the Turtles TV show come to the comic form and be done so smoothly. Considering all this, I don’t think this comic is aimed at any older Turtle fans. I think it is aimed at a younger audience. The stories are basic, and they don’t fit into one continuing story line. The backdrop is the same, but each issue is just a new adventure with a beginning and an end.

TMNT_Animated_03-pr-1We follow Mikey mostly in this issue. He wants to stay up all night to catch a Primo Zombie Mayhem Marathon on TV. The other dudes get tired and decide to go to bed. Mikey of course gets scared watching the show by himself. Instead of sleeping after the event, he goes skateboarding (always the logical thing to do when scared; go skateboarding at 2am in New York City). Mikey thinks he sees some zombies walking around and tries to warn the gang of his discoveries. The Turtles laugh at him, but Splinter thinks that no potential threat should be laughed at. The guys go to check it out. Turns out Mikey is partially right, and now the Turtles are in battle.

Zombies plus ninja Turtles equals character mashing to the max. For the average comic reader, zombies are overdone and we have TMNT: City Falls to read. For a young reader, zombies are still cool, and ninja Turtles are their world. So yeah, I would totally get this subscription for the children. It is like their version of the lawn mower; ya know that plastic one that isn’t as cool but you still do something grownups do.

Score: 3/5

Writers: Scott Tipton, David Tipton with Kenny Byerly Artist: Dario Brizuela Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 9/18/13