Review: Great Pacific #10

I’m really enjoying this arc. It’s not as action packed at the previous one, but there is something charming about seeing Chas starting a country and thinking he’s a Good Samaritan. What’s even better is the fact that he’s constantly in the shit. The guy really can’t catch a break and continues to find new ways to get into trouble whether he likes it or not. The thing about Chas is that ultimately he does want to do “good”, but I don’t think he’s quite developed the skills to be the smartest man in the room just yet. He’s kind of like a nice con-man, you like him because he’s nice and he follows a code of ethics; but he’s still a con-man. An example of this is when he lands in JFK and is “randomly” picked for a Customs check. He’s in a room with only Middle Eastern people and begins making small talk the way he always does, by running his mouth. The guard tells him to shut it and he basically threatens his pension. On one hand he’s very nice to the people waiting with him, but a complete jerk to the guard. After that we find out that Chas has already screwed his former company out of their pension as he arrives at his hotel to find protestors waiting for him.

We also meet a new character. A strange man that’s apparently living underwater; he uses the same device we saw our female assassin use last issue, to rile up the killer fish. After that the story cuts back two weeks to Zoe still talking to the assassin chick, but little is revealed to the reader in their conversation.

greatpacific10_coverIt’s a solid issue and pretty much delivered exactly what I was expecting from the series. I like the angle of this story arc, but I glad to see it begin to wrap. I hope that the next issue offers a new angle and yet another strange step for Chas to take in the series. Really more of the mystery of the fish and other people living on the island needs to be revealed so that interest isn’t lost with that angle of the story. Otherwise the writing continues to be solid and entertaining.

The art is always fantastic and Morazzo is challenged on this issue. Not only is there the New Texas mayhem to illustrate, but then there’s New York. I think it’s always difficult for an artist to convincingly illustrate New York. It’s one thing if you’ve never been there, but if you have or live there, then you can quickly call bullshit. I think Morazzo does a great job of making the city convincing. It comes across as a large entity of its own, much like New Texas does. I’m not saying this will happen, but if for some reason I stopped enjoying the story I think that Morazzo’s art would be enough for me to keep going on the series. His art is that fantastic.

I’m looking forward to the next issue for sure as this one set the stage for something big to happen. It should be interesting, but I know that Chas will come out on top like he always does. It’s just interesting to see how he will. If you’re thinking of picking up the series you might not want to start on this issue, but rather at the beginning of “Nation Building” three issues ago or with the first volume trade. This is still one of the most unique comics on the market so check it out if you’re tired of the capes and tights genre.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Joe Harris Artist: Martin Morazzo Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 9/18/13