Review: Transformers - Autocracy #8

Finally the issue I’ve been waiting for! I’m just going to dive right in here so spoiler alert, as I’m going to sum up the entire issue. The Decepticons and Autobost are making one last push against Zeta Prime and the power in his possession. On the outside of the fortress Ironhide arranges the attack on the ground while Starscream makes an assault from above.  Megatron and Orion crash through the roof for the final battle with Zeta Prime.  Zeta defeats Orion by crushing him and ripping off his.  But Megatron has the final say when he delivers the final blow to Zeta. Now this next part is the part I’ve been waiting for; Megatron now shows his true colors, how we have always seen him a power-hungry tyrant. He orders the Decepticons take out the Autobots because their purpose has been fulfilled.  Megatron takes one final attack at Orion and blasts him through his chest to take the seat of Prime.

Transformers_Autocracy_08-Preview-1This story is the one I’ve been waiting to read as Megatron turns against Orion to become the greatest villain/hero duo out there.  This is one action packed issue worth the read. The art is a nice gritty style that shows stress fractures and battle scares of the Transformers but the monotone color background are still getting to me.  The hole in Orion's chest is an awesome panel  that got me screaming,  "Noooo". The other panel that stands out is when Megatron delivers the final blow to Zeta Prime as the energon blast goes through his head.

This was a great read and for those not following, it is a great time to jump in since we are only half way through. It is action packed and full of great Transformer art. This issue is the turning point of the whole story; it reads really fast but it's worth a second look.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Chris Metzen and Flint Dille Artist: Livio Ramondelli Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $.99 Release:4/25/12 (Digital Only)