"And Whoever Should Hold This Flash Drive, Will Have The Saving Power of Thor"

That's right you Marvel zombies, I know we all collectively dumped in our pants when Avengers took the #3 all time money-maker right behind Tit-tanic and Alien Dances With Wolves; but no one needs this ridiculous of a flash drive. If they're going to sell something as dumb as this, they should at least have used car quality commercials to pedal the merch: "Hulk is smashing... all of your storage transportation problems." If you're honestly considering this, then let me give you two words that have been combined into one for marketing purposes: Dropbox. Go download it and you won't need this cheesy shit. There is another pic after the jump in case you want to see them plugged into a really shitty laptop and yes I am calling that Mac Book Pro shitty.


Source: Technabob