Review: Transformers Spotlight: Trailcutter

Sure, sure everyone loves Transformers and I am right there with you. I was right at that age where my parents wouldn’t let me watch the show though, but I always wanted one of those toys. One student brought his in for show-and-tell and that is when I knew Transformers were da I mean the way they transform is pretty freakin’ sweet and so I thought I should give the comic a try. This is only a spotlight which usually hits or misses in my opinion.

The story starts with Trailbreaker (Trailcutter) and Chromedome fixing up the ship after it has been hit. Can I just say that I don’t really like one of the covers for this issue as well? Trailcutter is biting his bottom lip acting like a whiney bitch. These guys are Autobots, I want to see them kicking some bot butt, not crying to their moms. But that is exactly what Trailcutter does.

He questions his powers when he realizes that he can’t get a medal from Rodimus, just because he can create force fields. No one sees this power as anything extraordinary so Trailcutter never gets a medal for his work. Whirl tries to help Trailcutter out of his rut. He gives him a new name, hence the change from Trailbreaker to cutter, gives him new weapons, and tries to even tell Trailcutter that he needs to be mean and forceful in battle. He takes his advice but nothing really works out. Instead Trailcutter goes to get charged and when he wakes up every Autobot is frozen on the ship. Trailcutter must save the day using his powers.

This issue read a little elementary for me. I was hoping for some more action. Instead I read a lot, which is fine but the dialogue was dragging. The issue seemed to have a lesson which made it feel so young. Lesson for the day: be yourself, even if you can transform into different things. Wait does that make sense?

Score: 2/5

Writer: James Roberts

Artist: Matt Frank

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/3/13