Review: Unity #15

If this issue doesn’t make you want to read the solo Ninjak series, like yesterday, then nothing will. If you can’t tell, this issue follows Ninjak and only Ninjak. And it’s fucking incredible because of that. Seriously, I’m beyond ready for his solo series from Matt Kindt. I would give blood in order to read that issue right now. So what’s this issue of Unity about? What Ninjak does when he’s not being Ninjak, when he’s in his civilian life of Colin King. It actually starts with him leaving Unity’s last mission. He’s bloody and barely walking. The minute he’s on his ship he gives some orders to his computer to fix him up and then he fall to the floor. The man is so incredibly stubborn though that after getting some painkillers he takes over from the autopilot. Everything you need to know about his personality is laid out in this issue.

But that’s not really what the issue is about. While it’s not really a spoiler spoiler I will give you fair warning that you may want to read the issue before proceeding. I mean you should just be reading this series already, but you know what I mean.

UNITY_015_COVER-A_ALLENOkay then, if you’re still with me the issue is about addiction. Or more specifically addiction to the drug that only Unity and its challenges can offer. It’s as if Ninjak only feels alive if he’s facing the end of the earth. And it’s brilliant because Kindt swerves you by having you think it’s some Iron Man 3 shit in which Ninjak is having a hard time getting over how gruesome the last battle was, when in reality the thought of it is the only thing that keeps him from being bored.

Kindt really understands this character and he’s delivered him in his best form to the rest of the comic world. I don’t see how anyone couldn’t be a fan of Ninjak. I used to be the biggest fan of the Harbinger side of the Valiant U (still am), but now Ninjak is my “A” Number 1. Seriously give me that ongoing already so I can dub it “the best thing Valiant is printing” because I just know that it’s already true.

The art on this issue is great as well. Pere Perez is one of the best artists that Valiant works with and whenever I see his name I know I’m in for treat. The action is fluid, the stumbling and bleeding is believable and everything combines to produce a gorgeous issue.

Brian Reber is quickly becoming one of my favorite colorists as well. His work at Valiant has not gone un-noticed and again he’s a name that instills confidence when I pick up an issue. I know that it’s going to be consistent and match the tone of the book. He’s vibrant when needed, dulled and flat when appropriate. Overall he’s just a great damn fit for this universe and it really makes you wonder why other companies suffer in the coloring department when Reber makes it look easy. Though I know it’s not easy and that’s why he’s so damn good.

If you haven’t read any other issue of Unity then this issue isn’t going to fill in the blanks. It doesn’t set up the next storyline and really is a filler issue that’s setting up the solo Ninjak series. But it’s so incredibly effective that you won’t notice any of that. You’ll cling to every word and just want more of this world. That’s an effective filler issue. That’s an effective way of showing your current readers what to expect on a spinoff series.

This issue is Tony the Tiger so buy it.

Score: 5/5

Unity #15 Writer: Matt Kindt Artist: Pere Perez Colorist: Brian Reber Publisher: Valiant Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/18/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital