Review: Usagi Yojimbo – Senso #2

In the second part of Usagi Yojimbo - Senso things are picking up rather fast in this book and the big reveal from the last issue was that there seems to be some sort of egg or ship that has landed right in the middle of the battlefield that both clans were fighting in.  Usagi followed by his son Jotaro survived the destruction.  Lord Noriyuki and his advisor have no idea what this egg is and Lord Hikiji is eager to find out. Lord Hikiji makes the rash decision to approach the site with his clan.  While running to the site, the clan is attacked by what looks like some very advanced technology.  The clan is virtually wiped out and the only survivor is Lord Hikiji.  Hikiji tries to get up and walk in his own strength, however, he is capture by some tentacle looking creature.  This freaks out Usagi and his group. Noriyuki with his advisors agreed to do some recon to see what the clan is really up against. They send in Tomoe to do some recon and what Tomoe find out is a shocking reveal.

24432The second issue of Senso had reveals but for me they were a mix bag as to what I thought about each one.  On one hand we find out how is the possible mother of Jotaro, I found to be good, but then the reveal of who are the attackers was a bit of a head scratcher.  Why use this reveal as the main story is a bit confusing.  I don’t know how this will tie all together but I am keeping an open mind and see this through.

As for the art, the art is great. Sakai iconic artwork is seen throughout the entire book and it’s a style that you know and love.

Overall, Senso has taken a really weird turn which has left me guessing on where this story is going.  On one hand the minor story has been more interesting than the main story, but like I said before I will keep an open mind on this one since story wise Sakai has done a great job with his character.

Score: 3/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Stan Sakai Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 9/3/14 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital