Review: Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht #1

This comic knows exactly what it is and it’s great because of it. Sure it’s selling sex, horror and gore, but it’s not pretending that it’s not. While those three things might be the focus of the tale it still manages to create a very interesting world for the reader to dive into. Stories set in WWII are a dime a dozen. It’s a period that is romanticized in nearly every faucet of entertainment. What sets Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht apart is that it’s as funny as it is gory and sexy. There’s a strange mix of mediums that just works well together. The story kicks off with a man I presume to be Winston Churchill talking to Chaplain Morris. He’s walking him through the events that have led to the meeting. The gist is that the Nazi occult has unearthed Vampires in Africa and have them under their control, but one of their own found a way to free one and put her under their control. Chaplain Morris is now being put in charge of the Vampire and sent to deal with the numerous Occult dealings of the Nazis. Now Morris and… you know they never give her name so let’s just call her Vampire Vixen; anyways, their mission is to retrieve Hilter’s right nut. Yeah you read that correct. You see Hitler’s mother is a part of a nudist cult that uses his right testicle as a source of power… and the British are obviously against that for numerous reasons.

Vampire Vixens #1 2nd PrintEverything out of Vixen’s mouth is sexual or at the very least a set up for something sexual. It’s hilarious because everyone basically ignores what she’s saying with the exception of Morris. Morris is a man of the cloth and so he’s repulsed by her entire existence which is a great since it avoids awkward attraction between the two characters. Vixen is a fun character… that’s the best way to describe her really. A side from her one-liners she’s full of violence and at one point rips a man’s cock off and beats a woman down to the ground with it. This is common place for this story and it’s very entertaining because of it.

The writing is good and the story is simple. It’s structured in a way that we’re given all the information to set up the world and then from there it’s just a set up for the task. The task is wrapped in one issue and they’re on to the next mission. It works because again the creators know what the comic is. It reminds me a lot of Fearless Dawn in which the comedy and sex appeal are just as important as whatever mission the character is on. The writing is ripe with comedy as well which is a great balance for the action and gore.

The art is amazing and while I’m sure most people who would buy this probably don’t like the idea of a dong being ripped off, it was quite funny. The art is photorealistic and you can look at the cover to see what I mean. That’s right the cover matches the interior art which is a rare thing in comics these days. Ronald’s art is stunning and I don’t just mean Vixen and her pin-up style of beauty. I mean the entire world that he illustrates is stunning, but yeah Vixen is sexy as hell; though I didn’t personally care for her Nazi uniform. I’m sure most people will overlook it instantly if they ever stop looking at her tits or ass.

This book is definitely for fans of horror and humor. If you’ve read anything from Asylum Press (which is a different publisher) then you’ll be right at home with this story. I was able to appreciate it for what it is and not expect it to be something it isn’t. The fact of the matter is that even though Vixen is a half-naked vampire wearing Nazi fetish clothing, she’s also a complete and total ass kicker. If you’re not down with that then yeah this comic probably isn’t for you, but if you can see the humor in that previous sentence then you’re really going to enjoy this comic.

Score: 4/5

Writers: The Emperor and Alex Ronald Artist: Alex Ronald Publisher: Bump and Grind Comics Price: Roughly $8.00 US Facebook Page