Review: Vampirella #11

If you had told me that Vampirella #11 would begin with a little battle that started within the pages of the not so great Vampirella Feary Tales, I think that would have maybe scared me off quite a bit.  I have been no fan of the Feary Tales wanting to stay as far away as I can from that sucky (pun intended) compilation of crummy tales. But as far as the monthly has been concerned, writer Nancy A. Collins and artist Patrick Berkenkotter have kept a strong pace of storytelling and visuals that have made this an enjoyable re-launch, which now is wrapping up its current story arc.  All have been well done and the working formula for Collins and Berkenkotter have been a little bit of myth, a little bit of history, and a little bit of bloody action, wrapped up in a nice and tight story.

Vampirella #11The current story arc has had Vampirella in the employ of the Kabul, a sort of mystical creature Men in Black operation that regulates the world of the supernatural, making sure that it doesn’t break through the world at large.  Recently, three “cursed” immortal persons have conspired to unleash a nasty virus that turns everyday average people into raving murderous psychopaths.  These immortals have done this in hopes of jump starting the end of days and maybe, just maybe, putting an end to the human race as well as their own immortal selves.  Vampirella, aided by hunky werewolf Tristen, have been dispatched around the globe to secure these immortal menaces.  Two have been taken down.  The alchemist Faustus and the Sorceress Medea.  All that remains is one person.

And what a person it is.  The last on the list is Cain, first murderer and the big dog of this immortal operation of evil.  During the last Issue, Vampirella has tracked Cain and looks to take him in. But a surprise is laid out that changes everything.  Issue #11 covers this surprise and adds some more surprises that I truly did not see coming at all. Once things are finished, you get some serious one piece fist fighting action, some big bombshell history lessons, and what has been probably the most emotionally driven issue to date in the title.

I have to admit, I really dug this issue.  Nancy A. Collins really put down some serious mojo.  The bombshells, they are unexpected.  The emotion, it is even more unexpected.  And the entertainment, well that was expected, but more so than I would have ever guessed, especially after seeing the rather mundane cover which seemed way out-of-place.  But cover aside, once this thing is over, you will have a whole new outlook on Cain and his curse which let me say is way worse than what the Bible portrayed.  It is way worse and you see the motivation for trying to end it all. I can’t give anything away, but everything is different once this one finishes. It is masterfully written.  And the rushed feeling from earlier issues is nowhere to be found here.  The pages play at a perfect pace and time, making for an enjoyable read.

As for artist Partrick Berkenkotter, I think he has mastered the art of drawing fight sequences with ladies in one piece skimpy.  He gets to do double duty here as Vampirella’s square off partner (one of those surprises) also happens to wear a one piece too. His fight sequences were good and the Cain backstory is well portrayed with the high contrast coloring that has been very prevalent for this entire series lightens up during the Cain history sequence.  Very well done.

Nothing really bad to report other than using the Vampirella’s Feary Tales as a teaser to what would unfold in this issue and the cover that didn’t convey anything. But fortunately, you don’t have to read that particular publication to follow the action here and the cover is just that, a cover.  For that, I breathe a big sigh of relief. I do think that issue has turned a corner for Collins as Vampirella is really beginning to be made into her own creation.  I can’t think of a better writer to tell this tale.  Ready for more.

Score: 4/5

Vampirella #11 Writer: Nancy A. Collins Artist: Patrick Berkenkotter Colorist: Jorge Sutil Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/8/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital