Review: Itty Bitty Comics #6 – Grimmiss Island #2

Grimiss has a pretty good life as of the start of this issue.  He has magical powers, lives on an island, and is in love with the Volcano Goddess.  However, there’s one problem: Grimiss caused a temperature change which awoke the Tiki Monoliths from their extremely long slumber.  They are not too happy to say the least, and Grimiss’s powers are running out. Grimmiss-Island-#2To make matters worse they’re giant tikis, many times the size of Grimiss.  It doesn’t look good for Grimiss until Volcano Goddess is able to intervene.  Volcano Goddess sets one of the tikis on fire and he lets go of Grimiss, accidentally throwing him into the volcano.  Grimiss swims through the volcano all the way down to the other end of the earth where he meets a Yeti who possesses magical snowballs.  Grimiss then returns to the island to try and settle the score.

I really enjoyed my time with this issue.  This is everything you want in an all-ages book; there’s something for everyone.  It’s charming, vibrant, action-packed, and overall lighthearted.  I definitely wish I had gotten into something like this when I was little but even at 20 I found things to enjoy.  I especially liked how the world was flipped upside down and it’s a day ahead when Grimiss goes to the South Pole.  The quick bond between him and “senor chupacabra” is also quite funny as well.  I can’t really say anything negative about this book-I wouldn’t have read this if I wasn’t reviewing it but I’m glad I did.  If you’re into all-ages books, you definitely need to pick this one up.

Score: 5/5

Itty Bitty Comics #5: Grimmiss Island #2 Writers: Art Baltazar, Franco Artist: Art Baltazar Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 4/8/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital