Review: Vampires – The Eternal #3 (of 3)

GFTVamp03_coverBThis is going to be a pretty quick review because this is the end of the mini-series and the pacing chugged right along. It’s definitely the strongest of the three and had the first two been this good perhaps the overall series would have been better. It came across as the series was written for the ending, which can have mixed results depending on your preferences. I’m still not really sure how this story benefits the main “Unleashed” story, but that might just mean that I need to re-read that series or the payoff hasn’t hit yet. In a complete change up we actually start with the Witch Linda; she’s visiting her sick son in the hospital and is given the news that he’s terminal. Now the scene is quick so she either joins a witch Covent or is already a part of one. She asks for permission to cure her son and is denied, but silver lining the one that denied her is bitten and killed by Samira. She offers her a cure of sorts for her son if she’ll join her and help. It’s strange because we’ve seen Linda treated like shit from the very beginning. Back in the floating castle we find Linda stopping one of the “Black Plague” from helping Vanessa kill Samira.

We cut to Samira and Vanessa fighting while Blaine is still locked up. The fight breaks to the hallway and suddenly we find Linda dead. I was actually bummed by this. The fighting continues as Vanessa gets the upper hand and her other progeny arrives and begins killing all of the other Vamps in the area. It doesn’t end well for anyone that found their way into that hallway, though I’m sure it didn’t end well for most of the people that ended up in the bedroom with Samira.

The overall tone and writing has been consistent throughout the mini-series. I get that impression that this was written as one story in mind first and then the proper breaks for the issues were found. I’m kind of glad that Samira’s past has been closed out and now we can see that she’s not a complete monster, that there is a heart somewhere inside of her. I still wonder if that will come up again. I think that she’ll just continue to kill and destroy at her master’s command and now there’s nothing left for her to go back to.

The art was as good as it has been on the series. I’m still a bit confused on when Linda was killed exactly since it seemed like a scene was missing. The Vampire deaths were pretty cool actually. They looked like deflating balloons as grey smoke left their orifices.

If you’ve been reading the series it’s definitely worth finishing. As I said in the beginning this is the best issue of the three. If you’re new to the series then I would wait for a trade or a digital sale to pick them up since you’re going to be reading them back to back. If you only have interest in the main “Unleashed” storyline then I would say you can skip this book unless you end up wanting to know more background info on Samira.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Pat Shand

Artist: Vittorio Garofoli

Publisher: Zenescope

Price; $3.99

Release Date: 6/19/13