Review: Vreckless Vrestlers #0

Vreckless Vrestlers is awesome. It’s a story that’s told entirely through the art. Part of that comes from the fact that the creator Łukasz Kowalczuk hails from Poland and so he creates a story that anyone can read and enjoy. As he states on the inside cover “Vrestlers fight, not chat.” This zero issue actually doesn’t contain any fighting at least not between the Vrestlers, but rather sets the stage for their battles. Think of Boom’s Deathmatch in which heroes and villains are collected to fight to the death, but here our different Vrestlers are plucked from time and space for the 59th Annual challenge. Who’s in charge of this? The Manager. Seriously that’s his name and he’s pretty awesome. He really looks like he could be a wrestling manager. The issue is spent with The Manager as he pulls the different characters from their moments and places in time. Some of the fighters include: Sergeant Reptilion, Vegan Cat, Flatwoods Monster and The Original Hippie Killer to name a few. All great names and great character designs

Vreckless Vrestlers #0-1The goal of this zero issue is obviously just to introduce the characters and gather them for the pending battles. It’s successful in that regards and very fun. While it’s a quick read it’s a worthwhile read. The lack of dialogue is actually kind of good thing because your imagination plays a role in the story. I can picture The Manager being sleazy and the fighters just hating him because he stole them from their homes and timeline and that’s cool.

The art is very fun. I’m not really sure how to describe the style since I don’t have a bases of comparison. The line work is very thick and all of the character designs have simple features. It gives it a cartoon look, but it still looks very mature. It’s clear that it’s made for adult readers even if the content is goofy and not serious. I really dug the art style and thought that it did a tremendous job of telling the story without any narrative to help.

This book is very indie, but you’ll be able to purchase it soon (we’ll include a link). The cool thing is that Kowalczuk is offering it digitally and in print. The print version actually has different Vrestlers in the back making them like trading card variants. I had a lot of fun with this book and I’m looking forward to when the no holds bar Vrestling begins.

UPDATE: The issue is available now, click the "store" link below!

Score: 4/5

Creator: Łukasz Kowalczuk Publisher: Vreckless Comics Website Store