Review: Vreckless Vrestlers #2

Even though there isn’t a lot to say about this issue, I still just like talking about it. The plot is just two different fights taking place and like with the zero and first issue there’s no dialogue. Just pure Vrestling action. Vreckless_Vrestlers_2_digitalThis time we see Original Hippie Killer, who has the best fucking name ever, face off against Barbarica. It’s an evenly matched battle with a shock ending that’s pretty rad. I like how well Lukasz conveys the story without any dialogue. Sometimes the emotions are over the top or even cartoonish, but it matches the story quite well.

The second battle is between Sergeant Reptilion vs Spike Lee. Now the Sarge is just like a Green Beret, but he’s a reptile. Spike Lee is like a video game fighter, he throws fireballs and everything. They’re battle is different compared to the other ones so far, but it was a good mix up.

Sadly that’s all I can say about it. It’s a book that’s best shared with a friend so that you can both talk about the cool deaths and awesome moves. It’s hands down the best wrestling based comic out there and one that’s worth checking out digitally or in print. Frankly the print version is awesome because it comes with stickers, but the digital can tide you over as well.

Score: 5/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Lukasz Kowalczuk Price: $0.99 – Digital Self-Published Website