Review: Welcome to Showside #3

Welcome to Showside has become one of those series that doesn’t leave you a lot to say about it each issue. The story is always a little different and the jokes are still hitting, but as far as breaking new ground, well it’s still developing and finding its own formula to follow. It’s still an enjoyable series, but it’s not one that necessarily needs a review each issue. I might continue after this to keep eyes on the series because it’s definitely underrated. This issue we meet Kit’s father and if you saw the animated short, we get the introduction of a character that debuted there. Frank, the floating skull with thick framed glasses acts as a recap as he informs Kit’s father about the failed attempts of the lesser demons. Thank you Henry Rollins as I now only hear your voice behind Frank’s dialogue and it’s great. Frank raises a lot of great questions that other series never ask and it was quite funny to hear them voiced and then promptly ignored.

Welcome-to-Showside-#3-1On Kit’s side. They’re going to a dance to clear their minds. School dance tropes are acknowledged and then ignored which was again fun. That’s the great thing about the writing, its self-aware and realizes exactly what it’s doing, but still makes it fun while it’s doing the exact thing it’s making fun of. This issue in particular had the most jokes going for it or at least the most jokes that struck a chord with me.

The art is of course great. McGinty’s style continues to be very animated in design and really begging to be picked up as an animation. One that I would definitely watch. The character expressions continue to be a huge part of the success for the series. They add humor, heartwarming elements and really bring out the tone of the world. There’s also a lot of subtly that McGinty sneaks into the background with the art, fireflies in jars being used for light. The fact that Kit’s father has a monster similar to Boo. There’s a lot to take in and plenty you’ll miss if you don’t pay attention.

My only gripe with this issue was the backup stories. They felt forced and not really there to develop the characters. They were just okay. I didn’t really get into any of them and there were more than I was expecting, which some people might like, but I was kind of done with the issue and felt like I had to keep going. All of this is probably just me, but they just didn’t add anything to the world this time around.

Welcome to Showside continues to be an entertaining series that definitely fits the true “all-ages” mold. Again, I don’t know if I personally need to review it each time, but it’s definitely a book I want to read each time. Check it out if you haven’t already and you’re enjoying some of the titles that KaBoom puts out. Though I don’t enjoy those titles and I still enjoy Welcome to Showside.

Score: 4/5

Welcome to Showside #3 Creator: Ian McGinty Publisher: Z2 Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/20/16 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital