Review: Widowed #1

Widowed_01Serial killer stories are nothing new to the world of fiction. The simple fact is that as a society we have some curiosity when it comes to serial killers and fiction is the perfect place to add some dazzle to the horrific act. To turn the killer into a performer and have the audience crawl around inside their head. Widowed is a serial killer story that brings its own twist to the genre. The story begins at a crime scene as the FBI is arriving to find the latest victim of the Widowmaker. He’s a killer that only takes couples and only kills one of the couple, leaving the other alone for days to either die or be found by the authorities. Rose Serafino has survived the Widowmaker after being tied to chair and watching her husband be killed. The story follows her recovery as she regresses inside of herself for an entire year. Having no family of her own, she’s put into the care of her in-laws. They do their best to care for her, but she knows that they look at her and miss their son.

I am going to spoil some of the story ahead because it was the part that sold me on the story, you’ve been warned.

The reason for the spoiler is because this story is pretty much by the numbers. I had some problems with the killer and the fact that he went through a lot just to kidnap two people and then kills one of them by crushing their head in under a minute. Needless to say I was underwhelmed and other than having to stare at her husband’s dead body for several days, I didn’t get why Rose was so close to going to the insane asylum. Don’t get me wrong if my wife every died I would be devastated, but Rose acts as if the killer was the love child of an alien and a werewolf that came out with Hilter’s face and instead of hair covering his body it was actually just tons of little people screaming for help. She wasn’t tortured, she wasn’t touched, she was tied to a chair and watched her husband die, but acted as if she saw the most terrible horrors the planet had to offer. I didn’t buy it and it made her character kind of shitty to be honest. It wasn’t until she stabbed a dude in the neck that I started to like her more.

Even then I had some problems. You see, she was standing on the roof of a shitty motel about to jump to her death when she heard the cries of a woman being attacked. She watched as people closed their windows rather than help, so she decided to do something about it. Somehow this rapist attacker manages to stand and wait for Rose to arrive and kill him because she travelled all the way back downstairs and found the woman who was still unharmed at this point and then killed the dude. I still liked the part where she killed the dude.

The next part of the story is pretty obvious. She’s bound to become a serial killer herself, only she’s messed up big time already. The fed is likely to cover for her or chase her and eventually she’ll run into the Widowmaker. Or I could be completely wrong, but either way she’s a murderer.

The story was okay, but there were some glaring problems and the pacing wasn’t great. Really the part I spoiled for you is the reason to read the book, but don’t get mad. If I hadn’t spoiled it then I doubt you would have wanted to pick the issue up. It’s okay, it’s basically average and if you’re looking for a serial killer story in-between episodes of Hannibal, this might scratch the itch.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Adam Wollet

Artist: Marcelo Salaza

Price: $1.99

Release Date: 6/5/13

Available on Comixology’s Submit