Review: Wild Blue Yonder #3

Oh boy. If you haven’t read this issue yet and have kept up with the series than you’re likely to say “oh boy” at the end of reading it as well. This is a good issue. It’s solid and the art continues to be great. I don’t know if I’m in love with where the story is going because it seems a bit too predictable, but we’ll get that in a minute. This issue picks up a week after the second issue with Scram giving Tug a final test of sorts. He needs to get past him and high-five Texas. Tug tells him it’s impossible since Scram is the best, but he assures him he’s not. I’m not going to spoil this moment, but it’s safe to assume that Tug passes the test and is officially on the team you just don’t know how. After that Cola and Tug spend some time with Cola’s dad and learn more back story about her family and the history of the ship. There’s plenty more of the story, but it all feeds into the ending and so the buildup would give it away.

WBY_03-pr_Page_1There are no problems per say with this issue, but it sure as hell doesn’t address or mention the ending of the second issue. If you read that issue then you know what I mean. While this issue is very good and enjoyable it does put the story/plot on a predictable path. The love triangle is going to kick into high gear, but more so is the larger story of the Judge and the battle for the ship. I hope that there are some surprises, but this issue really puts the projection on a crash course with the reveal of a betrayal and everything going to hell from there.

The writing is very good on this issue. It hangs out a bit, but the reader is given a ton of back story on the ship. The reader really does see the world through Tug and as the crew opens up more and reveal themselves to him, they reveal themselves to us. It’s an appropriate way to reveal more of the world as it comes about rather than feeling obligated in getting it all out-of-the-way in the beginning like most stories. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Cola’s parents as it actually defied a lot of Cola’s personality, but also the dysfunctional nature of the ship/family.

The art is still my favorite aspect of this series and there is a great splash page in this issue. Zach Howard does a great job of keeping the visuals interesting in this dialogue heavy issue. It’s always impressive when an artist can hold your attention with scenes that are basically boring otherwise. The action at the end was pretty easy to follow and the cliffhanger was great looking even if I’m not crazy about the results.

Overall this is a good issue, but it puts a lot of pressure on the next issue to deliver. I hope that it can and I will definitely be back to check it out. I believe this series is on bi-monthly schedule, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Mike Raicht, Zach Howard and Austin Harrison Artist: Zach Howard Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/30/13