Review: Wizard 101 (PC)

Wizard 101 is an MMORPG about young wizards exploring the world.  The game takes place in Ravenwood home of your wizard school where you are off to save the school from evil forces.  Before you start on your quest, you have to create your avatar.  The system goes off to ask you the sex of your character, your name which uses a preset of different words were you can mix and match to make your unique name, and then it goes off to ask you a series of questions to determine what school of magic your character should be.  Once you have your character created, you’re free to adventure and explore. The way you go by questing in this game is like your typical roleplaying games.  You have different NPC’s around the world that give you quests and you complete those quests for rewards and experience. The battle system in Wizard 101 is a very intriguing it isn’t your typical fighting system.  The system is card base you take turns between the enemy and yourself in playing cards until either the enemy is vanquished or the player losses his entire health. Unlike a lot of card base games, where you buy packs to improve you deck, the way you earn more cards is equipping different equipment.

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The game has several other options of what you can do within the game, if questing is not your deal.  Players can chose to duel other players in arenas, and players can also go deeper in the games and collect pets, or build your own dream house. The game is very diverse in terms of what you can do, it’s literally a choose your own adventure in the world.  One thing that I didn’t like about Wizard 101 is that the game is based micro transactions for premium content, items, and zones. You can play the game for free and earn items, but if you want an edge then purchasing crowns is the way to go.

Overall, Wizard 101 is a good free to play game that is suitable for all ages that offers a multitude of playing options. Whether you are a traditional quester, or just love to play against other people there is a bit for everyone, and a price point entry of free to play is an added plus. Mind you if you want real cool items without having to work for them then crown system is available. The game is a massive game with endless possibilities.

Score: 3/5

Publisher:  KingsIsle Entertainment Website