Review: Wraith #2

I was blown away by the first installment of this story written by Joe Hill and drawn by C.P. Wilson III. It was one of my best of November blending in a spooky origin story of one Charles Manx, the child soul sucking vampire. I was also intrigued/freaked with what could only be described as nightmare inducing art. It was creepy/cool and psyched me up for more installments of the story. Now here we are on issue two and the tone changes completely as we are sent to journey on seemingly unrelated areas as we witness a raucous Christmas party and a transport of three prisoners, both in California in the late 1980s. How everything ties into Manx? Not quite sure as of now. We will just have to see, but based on the lining of events that occur during issue two, it is certain that the characters here in this story of three prisoners and two guards will undoubtedly be seeing more of Manx in the not too distant future. As for all the events and how Manx figures into issues two, you will have to read it for yourself. I know that I am still enjoying the ride after reading it.

Wraith_02-pr_Page_1The dark and sinister story as well as the art has "lightened up" so to speak as all events that happen occur during the day. The almost surreal horrific images of issue one have been replaced with a grittier 1970s Race with the Devil atmospheric tone. It is still slightly ghoulish, but not near as ghoulish as the first issue. Of course though, night falls at the end of this issue, so rest assured the dark will bring about creepier artwork by Mr. Wilson III soon.

Joe Hill's script likewise loses some of the creepiness found previously, but each word of this story is building on something. What that something is? We don't quite know or even understand. But like the masterful writer that Hill is, he is building, brick by brick, introducing characters and developing a story that appears to be aiming for nightmarish soul sucking horror with real world blood and guts crime as well. This is a journey that we might not want to take, but with Hill driving and Wilson riding shotgun, we are in store for a fun ride. I know that I am enjoying it thus far. You should too.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Joe Hill Artist: C.P. Wilson III Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/11/13