Review: X #8

Last issue left in such a cliffhanger. Danny and his team get ahold of Leigh. On a side note, Leigh is not my favorite character. I am glad she isn’t written in a lot, because she tends to annoy me. Maybe it is just me. Leigh is that little habit you just can’t seem to break. On a positive note, I love Danny. I love every member of his crew. These guys are so relatable to the general reader. X is too radical for most, Leigh doesn’t do much, and the villains are the villains. We needed some new characters to shed light on the ethically sound people. Danny does that. LT Setter is asking Danny and his team to get Leigh ready in order to take her to a secure location. Obviously this is code for Setter is going to beat the living snot out of her. Danny must now make a tough decision between following orders and protecting the innocent to expose the guilty. I was surprised by his decision, but it was actually a good plan, if you want to get yourself killed.

One member of Danny’s team really steps out; and that is Rizza. The only girl on the team has top-notch balls to take Setter. She sees this creep for who he truly is. Like I said, the whole team has this awesome moral compass that allows for them to take some serious action against Setter by not blowing his brains off.

X #8 CoverX, just knowing these people, has changed the last couple of issues. I wouldn’t say he is any less angry, because he is full of anger. Instead X is being more rational about situations. Leigh and Danny have helped to calm him down. Clearly, this dude still has issue and with the drop of a hat will kill no problem. But I am glad to see him taking the higher road with things. I wonder how the general audience of this comic will feel about that though. In my opinion, I like the change. X has lots of violence with no real repercussions for that violence. What makes X different from Berkshire or Setter? Just because he is doing it in the name of innocent lives does it make it better? I don’t think so.

The comic introduces a lot about violence and how different people would deal with corruption. So I am excited to see where this next arc takes us. I am wondering if Setter will die or if X will have a change of heart. In the end of this issue, it sort of seems that Danny’s part ends too, so I am hope that isn’t the case. Instead, I hope Danny’s part changes and grows with X as both main characters.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Duane Swierczynski Artist: Eric Nguyen Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 12/11/13