Review: Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z #1

To forewarn you there will be spoilers for this review. The digital comic is only ten pages so it’s a bit hard not to mention… well everything. This story is crazy. I wouldn’t say that it’s the best story I’ve read, but it was interesting enough that I would come back for the other two digital issues. It starts off with our Ninja Yaiba fighting some zombies. He’s a bit different from the few Team Ninja games I’ve played as part of his arm is cybernetic along with his face. His sexy red-headed partner tells him to get a new sword which sends him on a trip down memory lane why he still has the sword.

Our ninja Yaiba is shown practicing his ninja skills until his sister bumps him and sets him off. He continues to attack and attack her until he accidentally kills her. I use the term “accident” loosely because he really keeps after her. He asks for help, but the elders won’t because they don’t want her to be a zombie and live shamed. It’s more honorable for her to remain dead. Yaiba says fuck that noise and gets the scrolls to resurrect her himself, only to find that the elders have taken his sister's head and hidden it. This pisses him off so he kills all of them and then resurrects them as zombies.

YNGZCC CoverDamn Yaiba calm the fuck down! I get that the elders fucked him and he has a great line that he says after he resurrects them, but he’s still an ass. I mean he ruthlessly came after his sister with his sword drawn and then was surprised when a kill blow landed. I mean… is he an idiot? That’s what I took from this story. Perhaps Yaiba is an anti-hero and I’m not supposed to like him, if that’s the case then mission accomplished. If I am supposed to like him I don’t see that happening.

I dug the art. Even though the story is over and done with before you know it, the art was very cool. Rafael Ortiz was a great choice for the ninja setting. His action sequences are very easy to follow and still look dynamic and fun. Coloring was also a huge success for the art making everything look vibrant and crisp.

Again this story is short and sweet and pretty damn crazy. I’ll be back for the rest of it, but now that I know what I’m dealing with I’m only looking for it to entertain me and nothing more. I don’t know exactly how it ties into the game, but that’s cool. It means they’re not just copying the plot of the game which is never fun to read, while this is.

Score: 3/5

Writers: Tim Seeley and Joshua Scott Emmons Artist: Rafael Ortiz Colorist: Carlos Badilla Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: Free Release Date: 1/22/14